Most of you other might not remember "The Fourth Wall Breakers Show." I watched it all the time when i was a kid, lonely in my home, with my parents, of course. I remember an episode called "Pixelated Nightmare" which had a creepy name, but i was willing to watch it. When I watched it, i made a horrible,horrible mistake. The start of the episode showed the title card, then it went to the song. The song was distorted, with a bit of a tune. It went to the card again, and it said "Pixelated Nightmare." The Glitch was looking away from the camera, sitting down and sobbed. The episode began and the fourth wall breakers were walking into a bloody street. Murders and theives were everywhere in the streets. It showed The Glitch doing his usual stuff, punching the fourth wall breakers, and flying away. In the next scene, The Glitch is seen sobbing, very,very loud. I was starting to wonder why my uncle made this tape. The Glitch's Eyes turned Black, bleeding black liquid. The Fourth Wall Breakers walked into his house, grabbing weapons from his cabinets. The Glitch grabbed One of their heads, ripped it off, and murdered the second one with it. The other one stared at the glitch, traumatized. The glitch grabbed his weapon and cut of his head. The credits began and i started to shake in fear.

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