I lived in a Foster home, I had some friends named Mikey and Mac. When we became older they let us go.

I got a job, Thats when I discovered MLP. I became a Brony, My wife devorced me because I was.

I used her money to buy MLP seasons and lost tapes, I read Cupcakes. I played Luna Game.

I was at a flea market, I saw a VHS labeled "DSYGK". It was in the MLP section, I bought it.

The guy said I could take it for free, I couldn't agree more.

I went home, I popped my VCR popped and inserted the VHS. The MLP intro played, But slower and in reverse. When it showed Pinkie Pie, She was covered in red liquid. Blood? I thought No Its a kids show!

The title said "DON'T SMILE, YOU'LL GET KILLED" It said in Pinkie's voice.

It started with Pinkie and the SMILE song was playing, It was a remix.

She went to Rainbow dash's house, "Hey Dash! What do you want to do?" Pinkie asked Sleepy Dash

"Leave me alone and be creative!" Dash yelled into her pillow, Pinkie said "I love Pink!"

Rainbow dash with Red eyes said "No! Thats not a creative color!" and slapped Pinkie

Pinkie took out a organ, It was Dash's organ!

She took a cupcake and cut it open, There was two human organs

Not photo shopped but real, The whole murder was not creepy without Pinkie's Devilish smile

The scene warped and changed back to normal, Dash said:

"Let's never be creative again!" Yelled Dash, As she was tired and alive!

Pinkie said "Don't you mean... Don't smile, You'll get killed!" 

Dash looked at the screen confused, "THE END" Appeared and the episode ended...

I Quit be a brony, I losed everything because being a brony!

I losed my wife, My kids, My house, My... Creativity

I found out Mikey and Mac were slaughtered by a murder dressed in pink...

This is my goodbye...

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