Remember those Pingu episodes? When I searched Pingu, I found a file, It was on Mediafire, I downloaded the file called "Pingu's" When I clicked on it, There were 2 files: One is called "Wake.txt" It read: "This is an unreleased episode of Pingu dated 1999, This originally planned to end the series and It aired in Israel & South Korea only, Watch it at your own risk." and there was a other file, a AVI file.

I clicked on it, The intro was normal except Pingu, He was walking sadly, then it cut to a igloo at night, Pingu was making dinner for his parents, but the sound was loud static and the quality was poor.

After Pinga went to bed, Pingu and his mum fell asleep, Pingu's dad stared sadly at the camera for 5 seconds and he started crying, It cut to a video of Pingu decapitating Pinga before it cut back to Pingu's dad crying, He stood here for the whole movie, before Pingu woke up and knifed his dad & mum, Pingu stared smiling wider with black soulless eyes and and he roared at the camera and killed himself.

The credits were in Times New Roman and text said "Your dead, Felipe." Then the video froze, and my computer had a virus.

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