Does anyone remember the show Pingu? Well, there was one time, BBC accidentally aired ONE episode that was NEVER released, but ACCIDENTALLY was.

It didn't repeat the day after like other episodes did. Parents phoned the BBC about how this episode freaked their kids out with all the content in it, hence the lack of a repeat.

I had a job at BBC, I worked there in 1994. 6 months later, I got fired from my job because I messed things up. But while I was walking out of the BBC studio building, I saw a VHS labeled in crude handwriting, "Pingu, unaired episode".

I went home, got out my VCR and popped the tape in it. When the intro started to play, the animation looked very rough like it wasn't finished yet, also the audio was pitched down two octaves and was very distorted. So, after the intro, of course, the episode's name was shown.

The episode was called "The Murder of Pingu". Oh my god, I have never seen the murder of the main character like that! Well, the episode starts.

It starts with Pingu walking to his house when I saw that fucking Pinga coming out of the window, smirking. That point reminded me of the scene from the Tom and Jerry short Bad Day at Cat Rock, when Tom was hiding behind the construction site girder, smirking.

Pinga then opens the door and subtitles appear. "Oh, hi, Pingu, there's something I need to ---". Then the screen made static that were so loud. And I mean very Loud.

Then Pinga said "Pingu, I am going to tell you something". Pingu then said "What are you going to tell me?".

Pinga then says in a deep voice, "YOUR LIFE IS MINE". She then shot Pingu with a gun, Pingu then said (in sub) "Pinga, how could you?". Pinga then said "BECAUSE I CAN!!!" and finished him with a couple more shots. Reminds me when Optimus Prime was shooting the transformer in the old Transformers movie.

The sky then turns a blood red, Pinga then says "This is my first victim, Pingu, not doing my muscles!". Robby then came and said "Pinga, why did you kill Pingu?". Pinga then said "SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU ARE ABOUT TO MEET PINGU'S FATE!". Wow, I can't believe she used strong language.

Robby's death was replaced by a distorted image of dead bodies of people in unfamiliar rooms. Then it cuts to a image that haunts me for a rest of my life, it was Pinga. What makes it so freaky was that Pinga had black soulless bleeding eyes with red spots.

She then said in a scary voice, "EXCELLENT! ALL OF THAT IS LEFT IS MOTHER!". Pinga found her Mum and shot her. It then showed all the characters from the show dead, Pinga is standing on top of them, with the same soulless black eyes, holding a gun.

It showed Mother laying down with a chainsaw in her stomach. Pinga then said "MOTHER IS DEAD! HA-HA-HA-HA!".

The scene cuts to static before going to a MUCH creepier image.

It was CastleVania's background, with Simon edited out of a picture. "THE END!" in bloody text. The music was a Sonic CD US Game Over music playing. Pinga was behind Mother, with those black soulless eyes, smiling.

Pingu's head was on a spike with his body laying down, his body wasn't doing everything but laying there, also his eyes were gouged out.

Mother's head was on a pole, her eyes were whited out and her body was full of bones. Robby even looked worse, his eyes were also gouged out, like Pingu's and his body and arms were ripped off with his head on a pole.

Then it cuts to a image of Pinga's head with black eyes, on the top, it read:


Instead of the credits rolling, there was a message on the screen.

"You're next, Jordan."

I quickly turned off my VCR, took out the tape and ripped it up in half. Be careful, if you find a VHS or DVD with the same episode, don't watch it, FOR A LOVE OF GOD JUST DESTROY IT!

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