It's been like three months since I Started Making Pingu for M.U.G.E.N, And it's also been weeks and days since I've updated Pingu to Version 1.1.

And later after that, I've decided to make Pinga, Pinga's little sister, I gave her new moves like assisting Robby, Robby is a seal and is Pingu's best friend. And after I'm finished making Pinga, I uploaded her to MediaFire, And Then I made a Pinga article On M.U.G.E.N Database.

And then One day, When I Was Searching "Pinga Mugen" on Google, I Scrolled down and saw A YouTube Video, The video title said, "Pinga.avi (DOWNLOAD IT NOW!)". I Clicked on the video, And saw the MediaFire link in the Description, I Clicked on the link and The file said "", And then i downloaded it, I went to the downloads file and saw the file.

And in the .zip file, there were two files, one was a notepad file called "fear.txt". Boy, did THAT look familiar. I clicked on it, and it said:

"WARNING: The video you're about to see will really, really, REEEEEAAALLY scare the cr*p out of YOU for life!!! Watch at your own risk. >:)"

Then closed the .txt file And saw the second file and it was an .avi file, I clicked it and began watching. The video started with instead of the actual intro, it was replaced with a Title Card with black text that said "PINGA" in a red background, It was the Same red background I saw when I watched Pingu.avi.

Then it fades to Pingu's igloo at night, It was The same igloo I saw When I watched Pingu.avi, I just sat there looking at the same image for 30 seconds, And after it showed the same igloo, it cuts to static.

Then it showed Pingu's living room at night for about 30 seconds just like it showed the same igloo, Really?! Everything I saw looked the same when I Watched Pingu.avi!! I Said.

Then it cuts to static again, And this time it lasted for 55 seconds, And then it showed Pinga walking around in a dark room, it was the same form in the Pingu gets grounded series as if it was a lost episode of the series. D'oh!! Really?! Again, Everything I saw looked the same when I Watched Pingu.avi, Even the same Dark, empty, room!! I Said.

She just kept walking and walking and walking and walking, Then Pinga stopped, And as she stopped, she walked over towards the screen. And as she did, Pinga stood there staring at me, It lasted for about 2 minutes, And Then it cuts to static once again for a few minutes, and then it cuts to Pinga standing in a black background.

She was still staring at me and she just stood there for 1 minute. There were no sound at all. Then static flickered 3 times, And on the 3rd time, it showed Pinga with black soulless eyes with red pupils and blood dripping from her eyes. But she was still standing in a black background staring at me with those black soulless eyes with red pupils and blood dripping from them.

And after it showed her with black soulless eyes with red pupils and blood dripping from her eyes, It cuts to black and all you could hear was the screaming from Sonic.exe, Finally, the screaming stopped, And then It showed a picture of Phineas with red hyper realistic eyes from The Phineas and Ferb Lost Episode: The Horrible Death of Phineas, And then It showed a hyper realistic picture of Sally with her eyes stitched up.

The picture reminded me of Sally.exe, Because she is Sally.exe, The one with the stitched up eyes. As it showed that picture for about a few seconds, Song of Healing was being played in reversed, It showed that picture for about 3 minutes, and I was getting nervous at that point, I looked away from the picture by turning around, and after 3 minutes of turning around sitting there.

It cuts to black for 15 seconds, And then it faded back to the same shot of Pinga as before. She was still standing there in a black background staring at me with those black soulless eyes with red pupils and blood dripping from Them, And then it cuts to static again for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Then it showed Pinga standing in a bloody background from The Tsukihime/Melty Blood series, In the background you can hear distorted murmuring and screaming sounds from Slendytubbies, Candle Cove and Squidward's Suicide, It lasted for about 1 minute as i sat there looking at Pinga staring at me.

After the random distorted murmuring and screaming, The background changed to black for 55 seconds, And after i sat there for 55 seconds, The camera zooms into Pinga's head and It cuts to red static from Sonic.exe, It lasted for 2 minutes.

And after i sat there for 2 minutes, It showed the same hyper realistic image of Pingu, With the same black soulless eyes with red pupils and blood dripping from them, The same Holes pierced on the side of his face, And he still has's mouth, except he has sharp teeth that was the Same color as Sonic.exe's teeth.

He looks like a fusion of Sonic.exe, Amy.exe (With Holes) And, But something is different about the same picture, The holes that were pierced on his face were oozing blood, I thought back to the hyper realistic picture of Amy Rose. And then the red static flickered 3 times, And on the 3rd time it did the same distorted and demonic Kefka laugh from Sonic.exe.

Then it cuts to red static again but the noise being louder and more distorted for a good 10 seconds. Then it stopped and showed nothing but black screen. As I sat there staring at the black screen for 15 seconds, Some Random text came up, The text said, "Pinga will really scare you to death FOREVER!!" The text was so red, In the background was Angelica Pickles from The Rugrats, She was covered in blood, But something is different about the same background, The same background was in a tone of red, And as the text came up, It did the same Ending scream sound from Sonic.exe Versions 3, 4, And 5, And then it cuts to black and the video ended.

I thought to myself after the video ended, "That was too scary"! "Why does everything I saw look The Same When I watched Pingu.avi"?! And As I was sitting there for 30 seconds, I heard a voice, it wasn't like a whisper, but it was a demonic and satanic voice: "Scared You, Didn't It?! Would you like to watch it again?" And as I Turned around, I Saw what scared the crap out of me, It was a Pinga Plush with the same shape on when I saw the video.

The plush was on my bed.

The next day, I posted the video to YouTube. It had over 2,000,000 views, 9 likes, 5 dislikes, 8 comments.

Daniel Gajardo said "'OMG! So f******g creepy, better than Josh Geary's creepypasta!"

Robert Irizarry said "So, it's the same as Carlos.avi but they replaced it with Pingu stuff."

Sonic.exe said "Good as Minion.avi. Back to eating souls!"

mrlegofan10 said "Even though I hate Pingu, this is quite good and creepy."

Cayby J. said "OMG!!! ANGELICA!!!"

Jerry McTimbers said "Even though I hate Go!Animate this is quite creepy and good."

H F McBain said "I hope this is fake but man, that freaked me out."

Tails Doll said "HOLY 9/11! I'm never watching Pingu again!"

And Alex Kimble said "Shit like that creeps me out. If you keep this up, I will feature you in a future behavior card day video and make you be in dead meat!"

A few hours later, I recognized the video was removed. It said "This video has been removed because this video has content from HiT Entertainment. Sorry about that."

As soon as possible, I was freaked out again. So, I decided to delete the episode off my computer.

If I ever see that file again, I'm gonna go into a breakdown.

So, If you see, Don't Download It! Because If you do, It's gonna give you nightmares!! Stay away from it, just stay away from It!!!