Anyone remember the original Pokèmon series? There was an episode that was banned because it was too violent and scary.

TV Tokyo destroyed all copies of the episode,however one copy remained.

I was walking around downtown Chicago,and I found a blank VHS tape. There was no label on it,but on the side it said:Pokèmon.

I was extremely happy,because I watched Pokèmon when I was a little kid. I picked it up,and went home.

I called smy friends over,and asked if they wanted to watch Pokèmon with me. They said,Yes. A couple minutes later,they came over. We sat down in the living room,and I prepared the popcorn and soda. We put the tape in the VCR,and we started watching it. The theme song was not the usual,it was some weird Arabic chanting. We thought it was a joke. The episode begins with Pikachu and Ash,walking around a weird forest along with Misty and Brock. We then see a man,who starts swearing at Ash,saying "YOUR PIKACHU FUCKING SUCKS,I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM!" We all yelled,"WTF?" The title card came up,and it said in a demonic voice,"Pikachu Dies!" We were getting scared at this point. It showed Pikachu and Ash about to battle the man,however,the man grabs a pistol and shoots Pikachu to the point that he bleeds so badly. Ash yells at the man,and grabs the pistol out of the man's hand,and started to shoot the man. Ash tells Misty and Brock goodbye,and later shoots himself. Later, it shows Misty killing Brock with a chainsaw as the dead carcass of Pikachu later rot to the point it was his skeleton only. It then showed a disgusting picture of a dead Pikachu, with his guts spilling out. We started throwing up. Later it cut to the PokéRap,however instead of Pokémon, it started saying the names of trainers and gym leaders. The credits rolled. We later smashed the tape. Later, we slept together,because we were too scared to walk home alone. However,when we woke up in the morning,there was a bloody Pikachu plush on our bed.