This story could not be finished on time so expand it!

One time when I was walking, I found a VHS tape in an opened trash can. I wiped the off the tape. After that I saw some crappy writing on the tape, it read PGGŸ Tal1ës dA Hoœał dEl3 tAd SsE3ne. I said to myself that the tape is awesome since Piggy Tales was my favorite show so I brought it home, put the tape in the tape player and brought popcorn and OJ to have while watching. The T.V. showed static for 2 minutes until the intro came. It was very distorted in the intro and the music was in reverse and when it showed the title card, it became blurry and at the bottom left corner I saw a white spot with red, brown, pink and green which I revealed it was pig bones and organs with a big puddle of blood and diarrhea I was half shocked and half confused. Why i'm shocked it's because maybe the deleted scene was scrapped because it was extremely frightening for kids and the reason why i'm confused because why the heck is there poop there ?! Maybe it's because the deleted scene also has poop because one idiot wanted to add it in the episode. REALLY!? Okay lets go on with the story.