One time me and my mom were babysitting and clayton (the kid we were babysitting ) asked if we can watch peppa pig i said okay fine we changed the channel and peppa pig was on it started out with the intro but the weird thing was it was in reverse and the background was black the title of the episode was why mummy the episode started with peppa pig playing with one of her friends George came in and said can I play Peppa pig said no and slammed the door George was now in the hallway crying mummy pig came up to George and said what's wrong George said to her peppa pig won't let me play with her mummy pig then came in and said let George play with you NOW peppa pig said fine mummy pig closed the door peppa pig said to George go sit over there you can't play George started crying louder this time mummy pig came in and said what's wrong now George pointed at peppa pig mummy pig then said REALLY Mummy pig goes over to peppa pig and starts hitting her it then cuts to commercials it then comes back to the show there is a red blur on the ground peppa pig's friend is now sobbing mummy pig tells peppa pig's friend to go home mummy pig picks up George and leaves the room the red blur stays on the floor for a couple minutes it finally fades away and turns into peppa pig's body it then cuts to a scene where George is sitting on the couch George asks why mummy pig killed peppa pig mummy pig says she was acting bad George yells out bring peppa pig back! mummy pig starts cussing at George mummy pig pulls out a meat cleaver mummy pig runs to George the screen then cuts to black all we can hear is the sound of George being sliced with a meat cleaver and the sound of screaming and crying it then cuts to commercials when the show comes back mummy pig is looking at the screen with a bloody meat cleaver in her hand and there is now a red blur on the couch mummy pig stares at the screen for a couple minutes she then walks over to the red blur and picks up the red blur and brings the red blur into the kitchen and puts the red blur in the oven the camera zooms in on the red blur the camera is zoomed in on the red blur for a couple minutes and the red blur fades away to georges body it then cuts to a scene where mummy pig walks into the room and picks up a vase and then father pig walks into the living room and says hi honey where's the kids? mummy pig says they're in their room father pig says okay and walks into the kitchen and opens the oven and yells OH MY GOD honey what happened mummy pigs walks into the kitchen and says I killed our children because they're rude and disrespectful kids and now you're next the screen then cuts to black and all we can hear now is the sound of screaming and a vase breaking it then says on the black screen the end and it is written in blood