One day, I was cleaning out my laptop, until I found a .wmv video titled "PEANUT." Peanut? As in the food? I don't recall downloading it, so I
Peanut Otter Shrug

Peanut Otter.

clicked it to play it.

And I clicked it again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

My laptop didn't even budge to play the file, so I ignored it (for a good amount of time). I looked at the clock. It was 6:48. I lied down on my sofa and took a nap. Besides, I spent all day doing chores and I was exhausted.

I woke up at midnight and watched HBO. At 2:30, I almost forgot about the file, so I logged on to my laptop and clicked on the video. It began. The PB&J Otter theme was playing, and I thought out loud, "Hey, I remember this show!" It was my favorite show on Playhouse Disney back then. It went to the title card. The episode was called "PEANUT". Just "PEANUT".

It went to static and I shouted "OH, COME ON!" It was a good thing I was home alone (my parents were out of town), because my baby brother would've bawled. After the irritating static, it showed Peanut Otter behind a black background. He had no face. He was just... "staring" at me. Then, audio of a grown-up man screaming blasted through my speakers. It was so loud, I got a headache.

Serbian text appeared above Peanut. It read "Death and suffering should not be known of this." It went to a video of Jelly, Ernest, and Opal crying. I noticed some strange things. They were deathly thin (as if they have been suffering starvation), there were no signs of Baby Butter, and ithe crying sounded realistic. They exited their houseboat. Lake Hoohaw was deserted; no signs of PB&J's friends whatsoever. They walked past buildings (a la Suicide Mouse) for 3 minutes, and the screen went to black.

It showed Peanut's funeral. Again, no signs of Lake Hoohaw citizens or Baby Butter. Just Jelly, Ernest, and Opal. It zoomed to Peanut's corpse. It was like Bart's dead body in the lost Simpsons episode, Dead Bart but a bit more gruesome.

The screen got blurry and the audio got distorted for no apparent reason. Jelly said something, but it was unclear what she said. It cut to black and showed Ernest, sitting in the kitchen. It was dead silent. Ernest slowly blinked and was staring at me. This lasted for 50 seconds before cutting to static for 6 minutes.

Suddenly, my laptop screen started flicking repeatedly and it said a virus has been detected. I restarted my PC, and cleaned it out.

After cleaning it out, there was a mysterious .txt file titled "peanut.txt".

I opened it, and it was an ASCII art of Peanut's dead body. Text appeared below it. It said:


And then, I knew I was next.

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