"This story has similarities with "Geo's World Lost Script" creepypasta. I just wanted to point that out before people go "HURRR DURRR YOU JUST COPIED GEO'S WORLD LOST SCRIPT CREEPYPASTA". And also, this only made up. This really isn't supposed to scare you anyway. I made this just for fun. ^-^" Sure, pal. Whatever helps you sleep at night.-ToonLinkMinions11

The Pasta


Pat, Stan and the other characters of the show.

Anyone remember Pat & Stan, right? Well, there was a episode that NEVER been aired.

I was on Youtube, then I spotted one: "Pat and Stan, unaired episode.avi". When I clicked on it to play it the video started.

First, there was 15 minutes of static and then it went to the intro, but the theme song was in reverse. So, after the intro, no big deal. The episode's title card was shown, the text was in blood red and it read "STAN'S LAST LIFE". Then it showed Pat and Stan walking to Professor Chi Chi's house. The camera cuts to Pat saying something, before there is static. There is a knock on the door and Stephanie comes in. She tells Pat and Stan that her funding has run out. Stan says she could get her funding back if she asks an Certified Public Accountant.

I then got confused, why would a kid's show have funding and Accountants in it? I still continued to watch. Then the bones screen comes up and then it showed Stephanie telling Pat, Stan, Stuart, Emily, Chi Chi, Aunt Martha, Lili and her kids that she'll be leaving. Stephanie says goodbye to Pat and Stan, and kisses Stan on the cheek. She gets on the plane and it leaves, and the screen cuts to black.

It cut to Stan slouching on a chair, reading a newspaper, while Pat is playing a video game. Stuart comes through the door urgently and says that the plane Stephanie was on crashed... and that she died. Stan laughs, saying it was a good joke. Stuart gets a serious look on his face and tells him in a stern voice that it wasn’t a joke. 

Stan then bursts into tears. There is then a slight static sound, and it cuts to Stephanie's funeral. The characters were all inside, sobbing, the sounds of them all filling the screening room as they stared at Stephanie in her coffin. The camera cuts to static again, and shows Stan at a desk. In front of him was a paper and a pencil. Stan then gripped the pencil in his hand and began writing. He spoke out loud as he wrote:

"I am sorry, world. I knew i shouldn't exist. Goodbye..."

Stan immediately picked the blurry thing up, and it was revealed to be a knife. He slit it in his throat. The camera cuts to static and the episode ends.

Be careful, if you watch this episode, don't watch it!

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