Animation 10
Hi there, this is my first time being here and my friends recommended me to tell you guys what I witnessed because well...this is very strange.

A week or two ago, I was surfing on the internet, searching up some PaRappa the Rapper stuff out of curiousity since it was on Fuji TV and I had nothing better to do. I deeply searched out of boredom and found this website that was titled, "PARAPPA THE RAPPER, LOST EPISODE - FREE DOWNLOAD" I immediately clicked on this out of excitement and downloaded. It didn't take long at all and my Media played suddenly popped up.

It wasn't a lost episode, I recognized it the first few minutes it began. It was the episode where PaRappa and his friends were preparing to go on a vacation to Barbados. It didn't take me very long, because I watched the part where PaRappa takes out the disc to the Home Alone soundtrack. Anyway, I watched through it and after that, PaRappa falls off the distance. Because of this, PaRappa was dead, though his body was lying in the grass for about 30 seconds.

After that, I was startled by a sudden cameo on my laptop. To my surprise, the Chuck Jones version of Kevin MacCallister popped up, but it was entirely different. I took a screen shot of it because it was out of the ordinary. The style wasn't recognized at all; it was slightly terrifying. It wasn't the same animation either, it was rather choppy. After all of this, the credits rolled. During the credits, I was shaking my head, thinking "Well, that was a waste of time". Finally, the Aniplex logo appeared, but the voice was demonic.

It ended, but that was so incredibly weird, so I thought that I should share this to you guys, even if it sounds horrible or not.