Pizza Steve, after killing his friends

The Terror BeginsEdit

Note: This is a continuation of another story, called Uncle Grandpa Lost Episode: Pizza Steve's Revenge . It is recommended you read that first otherwise, you may be confused with this version.

In 2001, a tape named 'Pizza Steve's Revenge VHS' was sold to a family of two. I remember the tape's content. The episode began with the impressive intro, but it played at lightning speed and stopped at the title card. The episode started off with any other episode but had very poor quality animation. If you've seen the original animation for the pilot episode, it was similar but less stable. The first act was fairly normal, but the way, the characters acted, was a little off. Uncle Grandpa seemed angrier, Mr. Gus seemed depressed, Pizza Steve seemed to have genuine anger and hatred for Uncle Grandpa.

It started with Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve. They were walking down a road while in the background weird moaning could be heard. It cuts to a close up of Pizza Steve's color-inverted face with a knife in his hand and he stabs Uncle Grandpa in the stomach, causing him to fall down and limp with a blood trail following him.

Uncle Grandpa became inverted, as a news reporter came over and said "Oh no, Pizza Steve, Pizza Steve". Then, it cut to Pizza Steve killing people by throwing knives at them and killing them. Then it showed Uncle Grandpa and the peoples' ghost crying blood as Pizza Steve laughed in a loud voice, not like his usual voice.

Then it said, "THE END" and "R.I.P UNCLE GRANDPA", then the episode ended with gibberish text and "THANKS FOR WATCHING UNCLE GRANDPA" and the "Cartoon Network" logo.

The next day was the day the family had gone out for dinner and had put Uncle Grandpa on for the kids to watch, but when they came back, they were already dead.

People say that Pizza Steve follows you after watching it, so, watch at your own risk!