(Contains profanity. Read, if you dare)

The title card.

I was cleaning my basement, until I found a tape written in permanent marker, "OTTERS OF THE WILD". It included the script. I suppose this was an episode of PB&J Otter, so I put it in the VCR.

The episode began with Ernest telling his kids a story named after the episode. "Wow!" Peanut shouted. "Otters of the Wild is my favorite book ever." "Mine, too," Jelly replied. "When I grow up, I'm gonna be Jellina, queen of the wilderness! I'm gonna live in the forest, and wrestle bears, and..."

"GOOD FOR YOU, YOU LITTLE SHITS! I HOPE YOU TWO DROWN WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, FAGGOTS!" Ernest hollered. He drunk a bottle of beer and flipped the bird.

I was concerned, as he was a calm otter. According to the script, an unnamed best friend of his recently passed away, so he felt suicidal and drank beer in order to calm his nerves.

Anyway, Opal gasped. "Ernest! Do not use such language in front of them!" PB&J cried and ran to the houseboat.

Ernest grabbed Baby Butter by the legs before they could escape completely. "Where do you think you're going, slob?" He strangled Butter until her eyes turned red and spoke; but he was speaking in an unknown language. There were no subtitles, either. I could hear Jelly yell, "PUT HER DOWN!". It went to a crude static, and it showed a picture of Ernest with a sinister look on his face. You could hear a man with a Russian accent say "Fuck you in the eyes."

It cut to the morning. "Good morning, fuckers," Ernest said, in a tired voice. "The motherfucking early bird catches the fucking worm, so get your shit ready, you dimwits." He went downstairs to eat some breakfast. He ate burnt pancakes.

"What the fuck just happened?" Ernest asked.

"Well... the oven went out of hand..." Opal said.

"You fucked up, bitch. Now we're going to starve because of you, slut."

"But, I couldn't help-"

"No, I want more details, you whore." Ernest punched his wife in the nose. Hard. I could hear a "crack!". A bit of blood spurted out, and Opal went out cold. Ernest went back to PB&J's room.

"I said get your shit ready." he said, foul tempered.

"We couldn't hear you. We were still aslee-" Jelly, confessing.

"Jelly... Jelly Jane Otter... where the fuck do I begin... You bitch more than your mom. But whatever, because this is the last time you're seeing me, asshats." He grabbed a gun and put it into his mouth. Ernest pulled the trigger. His eyes were whited out, and he lied down on the floor, dead. Baby Butter was now sobbing.

"He's...... dead........." Peanut said, trying not to cry.

"Let's do the Noodl---" Jelly said.

"Not now, Jelly..." Peanut said in a weak voice, hands over his eyes, as if he were about to tear up.

A time card said that five years have passed. A tombstone read: "R.I.P. THE OTTER FAMILY". Text read "I CAN'T DO IT". It cut to crude static, again, and I heard a man screaming. The VHS got out of the VCR by itself (which was really strange), and the tape ended. Unlike most lost episode creepypastas, I didn't destroy the tape. I just kept it; not knowing what to do with it. I mean, sure I knew my childhood was ruined, but I still kept it.

The next day, I saw a piece of paper in my bathtub:


It had a poorly-drawn illustration. It showed Peanut frowning. I asked myself who's behind these piece of papers. The answer remains unknown to this day.

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