The file.

Have you ever heard the PC puzzle game, Oxyd? It is a game of puzzles and tests that challenge the player to restart all the oxygen generators (called Oxyds) on your home planet. The Oxyds must be restarted by "opening" them in pairs of matching patterns, and (in colour versions) matching colours.

I was on my computer, going on Google and search for Oxyd games to download. There was a link that it just said: "" and it was at Mediafire. I downloaded the file and there was 1 file called: "Oxyd3.exe". I double clicked the file and the screen then goes black.


The title screen.

The title screen came up, with words: "OXYD 3". It had 3 options, just like normally: "Play", Settings", and "Exit". I selected the "Play" option to start the game.

The game started with words: "LANDSCAPE #1" in 5 seconds, then the game fades with a simple Oxyd level. I had fun rolling around my small black marble to touch things to activate them (Oxyds are opened by touching them), and bashes things to move them. When I got a Oxyd match, everything got darker. The black marble started to break by itself. Then I respawned. When I got another Oxyd match, it cuts to black. It stayed there for 10 seconds. Then the text said in red:


I was a little scared. Then another level started with words: "LANDSCAPE #666" in 5 seconds. That's a weird level. The game then fades with the black background with the black marble. The music was that creepy Caverns of Winter music from Earthbound, only it was extended and seemed to have been in reverse. I had to roll the black marble, to the right. It was running along the level there was nothing but flat ground and a few trees for 5 minutes, that was when the music started to lower down into slow deep tones very slowly as I kept going.

I suddenly saw something and I stopped to see what it was; it was one of the enemies in the Oxyd games, broke a half (the rotors and the tops). As the black marble kept moving I saw what I was in shock...

It was my favorite characters, the Minions, Toon Link, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Hatsune Miku, Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Coraline Jones, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, and even Ico and Yorda, laying down in the ground, dead. After a minute passed after the music stopped, the black marble was rolling up the black background and then it stopped, it wasn't until I saw why; Elmo from Sesame Street (in his Elmo Dies the Game style) was there on the other side of the screen with his back against the black marble with his eyes closed.

Nightmare Elmo

Elmo, as seen in the game

It just stayed here for 10 seconds, and then Elmo open his eyes and he had soulless black eyes, small red pupils, and blood coming down from his eyes (similar to Sonic.exe). Then it cut to static. It stood there for 20 seconds. When the static finishes, it cuts to black. Then a level started with words: "_________ #1" in 5 seconds. NO TITLE??? Who cares. The background was Giygas from EarthBound, but with more saturation. The ground was the same as LANDSCAPE #666, except it was black and so was the black marble. It tried to get outta here, but the walls won't let me. The walls started closing in on me, I tried, but the walls won't budge. I crouched like it was going to stop. But the black marble break apart. I lost a life. The level exited.

The scary title screen.

Then it took me to the title screen, but much creepier. The words: "OXYD 3" were blood red. The options were also blood red, but instead of "Play", it said "Die". The familiar music wasn't played either. It was just a 16-bit mess of sounds, the demonic "SEGA!" occasionally mixed in (from Sally.exe). I tried to click Exit because the game was too scary, but a dialogue box appeared, stating:

"There is no escape, Gabriel. You will play this game forever."

That's strange. How does the game knows my name? I tried to click Options, but another dialogue box appeared, stating, "You can't change the options for this game. You can't run." So the only one left is "Die", and I clicked it. Then a level started with words: "HELLSCAPE #0" in 5 seconds. Then the game fades with a hellish background (similar to Username: 666). The music was a reversed distorted piano song. I was the small white marble instead of the black marble. There's document in the corner, which says: "Elmo will find you."

Then I started seeing flashes of Elmo popping everywhere on the screen, again with those black and red eyes. I then see Elmo behind the white marble slowly gaining up on him running. Then Elmo caught the white marble and cuts to static. It stood there for 25 seconds. Then, accompanied by the static-like sound you hear when you get caught by Slenderman, a picture of a hyper-realistic Elmo appears with text at the top saying:



It was when I read that message while looking at Elmo when it hit me, I realized right there and then. This Elmo was a monster, a pure evil, sadistic, all-powerful, nightmarish, demented monster... and all of his victims, including the Minions, Toon Link, Homer, Bart, Hatsune Miku, Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Crash, Spyro, Coraline, Dick, Barbara, Ico, Yorda, and possibly the black and white marbles, are just his little toys, and the game is the very gateway into his chaotic, nightmarish world and the very Hell his victims are trapped in.

Then the static flickered 3 times and on the 3rd time it did the distorted and demonic Kefka laugh from Sonic.exe. Then it cut to static again but the noise being louder and more distorted for a good 6 seconds. Then it stopped and showed nothing but black screen. As I sat there staring at the black screen, one last text came up:

"elMO kNOws WHerE YoU liVE"


This is what the wallpaper look like after I deleted Oxyd3.exe

I jumped. Then the game over screen came on, but much scarier. I see the creepy Elmo (with black eyes, small red pupils and blood coming out his eyes) standing in the center, with the corpses of the Minions, Toon Link, Homer, Bart, Hatsune Miku, Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Crash, Spyro, Coraline, Dick, Barbara, Ico, Yorda, and the black and white marbles. There's fire in the background. The music was the Sonic CD American Game Over music in reverse. After this, I went to the door of my bedroom to hide. I went back to my computer and deleted Oxyd3.exe, afterwards my wallpaper showed Elmo with black eyes and blood in his eyes with a text saying "ELMO GOT YOU".

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