Remember the General Mills Toons episode "Orange Bot"? Well, there was originally suppose to be a sequel to it, it was aired once and then banned for good. A transcript of it was found on December 3rd, 2014.

The Transcript 

(It fades in from black and shows Orange walking in Orange BOT's prison cell.)

Orange: "Hey, remember me?"

Orange BOT: "Yeah, I want you dead!"

(Orange BOT tries to grab Orange's neck but misses and hits himself on the head.)

Orange: "Nice try, you motherfucker!" 

(Orange begins to laugh at Orange BOT, and Orange BOT contracts Dr. Toilet.)

(It cuts to Dr. Toilet's house, he is dusting off stuff for spring cleaning and hears a ring from the phone.)

(Dr. Toilet's phone begins to ring.)

Dr. Toilet: "I'll get it!" (picks up phone and answers it), "Yes? Hello?"

Orange BOT: "Help me, I am trapped by an Orange!"

Dr. Toilet: "I'll make you eviler with a better upgrade, hold on I'll send it now" (sends update to Orange BOT.)

(Orange BOT grows a larger size, and stomps around the room, and then Orange enters the room.)

Orange: "What's going on in-?" (notices Orange BOT's size and starts to run away.)

(Orange BOT grabs Orange by the neck and snaps it, and he lays his body down on a metal rod which impales him.)

(Orange BOT laughs like an insane person, and jumps out a window. Meanwhile, Dr. Toilet tries to contact Orange BOT.)

(The phone rings, but no one answers it.)

(Orange BOT is now dead, and Dr. Toilet starts to sob.)

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