I work for a company that makes cereal commercials. We worked on all kinds of commercials, I loved making kids' breakfast even better. So, I was finishing up a commercial and decided to view it. I opened up my office computer and went to Windows Media Player. I found that my file was replaced by a file named "Orange.avi", and the description was changed to "EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY.", I was freaked out and decided to view it. It loaded with a title card, which was odd because commercials don't have title cards like TV shows do.

"ORANGE", it read. It showed a boy dragging a suitcase, he meets up with Sully (Coco Puffs), Chip (Cookie Crisp), and the Trix Rabbit (Trix cereal). The boy asked if they can make it Saturday, and they ask what day it was. The boy replies "Wednesday", and that makes Chip mad that it was Wednesday and then it cuts to a buff Chip destroying buildings. The boy then says that Wednesday is fine, a CGI Orange breaks in and says "FUCK YOU, SATURDAY IS BETTER THAN FUCKING WEDNESDAY!!!" and takes out a large CGI gun and shoots the boy. Blood and Brain matter splattered everywhere as Sully, Chip, and the Trix Rabbit look in shock. "DO YOU THINK SATURDAY IS BETTER?!" asks the Orange creature. "I guess I have to agree with the kid, Wednesday is b-" just as Chip said half of his sentence, the Orange shot Chip in the chest and then launched a bomb-like bullet into Chip's butt.

His butt blew up, causing an amount of blood, bones, and skin to fly everywhere. "Who's Next?" says the Orange, in a sexual like tone. Sully and the Trix Rabbit started to run away, but the Orange runs after them. I was hungry so I decided to get some pretzel sticks, as I walked away I could hear Sully and Trix Rabbit screaming for mercy but got killed instead by the Orange. That's when I met 'it'...

"Why eat pretzels, when you can eat some oranges?"

I turned around, I suddenly gasped at what I saw. Standing right in front of me...with that creepy stare...was the orange... It handed me an orange, but I said "I WANT MY FUCKING PRETZELS!" and slapped the orange out of his hand, big mistake. I knew I fucked up.

Hard. It took out a shotgun and said "FUCK YOU, I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO KILL YOU!!", and shot me, and that's how I died...