Instead of Orange facing his problems like a man, he ran away from them and made them worse. He killed his friends in hopes to make his future and life better, but it ended in the neighbors of Orange reporting him to the police. Orange sent to jail for 400,000 years, until his release.

In 2015, Orange was released from jail. But, he was to live at his mother's house, his mother was nicknamed "Mama Orange.", and was strict with him. Orange lived in her basement (like most losers do), living with his mom was difficult since his mom hated him, which made him angry. Orange told his mom to come down to the basement (where he did his murders and never cleaned them, Mama Orange never checked down there until now), she agreed and thought her son changed, she knew now, she fucked up.

Hard. Orange gladly showed his mom the basement, he sneaked away as the mother saw Jake's melted body, his mom raged in anger and pulled a phone down. She saw someone behind her, it was Orange with a knife. He used the knife to stab her in the chest, 5 times and dragged her body into a shredder, her body was shredded into a mushy, bloody pulp. 

Orange was escaped and was still evil. But not in his world, but ours. If you see a giant orange-like creature, run.