It was late afternoon, 4:00 PM. I was driving my car with my kids out into the woods to go hiking. When I got to the exact spot I wanted to park in something was off... I checked inside my car to see what was wrong. All I saw was emptiness showing that the kids were already out, and A sharp, rusty, old, combat knife. "Kid's!" I exclaimed. What Is this doing in here? The kids said nothing to me, then started to jibber-jabber to themselves again. I was getting really pissed off at this point, I then angerily repeated "WHAT IS THIS DOING IN HERE!" The kids once again said nothing. ANSWER ME DAMMIT!! And during the entire tripthis was going on, NON-STOP. During the entire Hiking trip the kids didn't say a word, Not a peep! Then I got back to my car and drove them back home, "What is wrong with you kids!?" The kids still didn't say a word. Ya, you know, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!I then got back home and when I opened the door for my kids, They went immediatly to their rooms, not even saying hi to theirmother. "Hey Herald?" Rose said. "Yes?" "Do you think that the kids have been acting strange lately?" "Actually I just noticedthat during the entire hiking trip, thank you very much!" I replied. Now If you'll excuse me I need to go back to my work. I then went to my office and started working. 2 weeks have passed, but still no talking. However.. One thing happened. While I was talking to Rose, who just dyed her hair blonde and was ready to go to work. "I cant stand this anymore." But Herald what can we do? We even called the police and then you called me a dumbass for doing it!" "Well how is the POLICE going to help us!"I dont know, maybe THEY can the ambulance." "But wait a minute, couldn't WE just call the police ourselves?" "Well, Uh....."Yeah about that.. "What..Is..It.. this time." I said angirly. "I uh, lost the phone number to call the ambulance." She repliedas if she was worried at my response. ".....WHAT!!!!" "I dont Know OK! I checked my bag earlier at work, and then the next thing I know IT'S GONE!" "WHY I'M GONNA..." And just before I finished my sentence I heard a crashing noise from inside one of the kids room. "MANDY!?" Rose then said nothing as she stared at me in shock. "I'll deal with you later!" I then said toher as i went In her room. I opened the door and on the floor, layed a gruesome sight. "MANDY!!!!!!" God I'm such an idiot, Whydidn't I check on her before! She was bleeding, her hair turned grey, and she still said nothing. Then just as I made my way out of her room, she got up and said her last words.. "I saw It in the woods." She then collapsed, and I rushed to her as soonas possible and said to her "WHAT, YOU SAW WHAT IN THE WOODS!" My heart grew into fire, I was outraged, that something like this could happen. "I'm going to put an end to this!" I'm going to put and end to this silence, and I'm most importantly going to put an end to that thing in the woods! The next day I got out of bed and put my jacket on, not caring about the danger I wasgoing to face in those woods. "That bastard who did this is going to pay DEARLY FOR THEIR CRIMES!!" I then took Billy along with me on my journey to find that.. thing that Mandy was talking about. I then put leash/collar on Billy's neck so he cant leave my sight. "YOUR GOING NOWHERE ELSE THEN WHERE I'M GOING, OTHERWISE YOU'LL END UP LIKE MANDY, GOT THAT!!!!" Billy still said nothing. As I then parked my car in the exact same spot as last time, as well as the same hiking place as last time. I then took a hiking stick and lended another one to Billy. And believe It or not.. This is where things got really weird. I washiking up a huge mountain, while Billy still said nothing during the trip. I then hiked up the top of the mountain and saw a shadow-like figure just.. sitting there.. Pretty much doing nothing but just.. Sitting there. his hands were covering it's faceas if it just experienced something sad.It then stopped covering It's face when I came a little closer. eventually I toke outthe same combat knife that I saw in the car and tried to stab it with it. Until It got up, turned around and glared at me withIt's souless eyes, with It's souless white pupils and said "Why hello there, you should not have come here." "And why Is that?"I replied as I glared back at It. "LEAVE NOW OR YOU'LL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!" He said slowly and angirly. "NotYet buddy! I got a few questions." Why did Mandy just die in her room like that. "What are you talking about? She's right here."It replied. I then saw a bloody ghost with no legs and completly white and bland eyes, floating above ground. She then said"Hey daddy." In the most beautiful tune. "What happened to you?" "Dont you see daddy, Uncle Fitch made my life better by freeing my soul from that STUPID HUMAN BODY." "What? NO... NO WAY ARE YOU!" "Yes...... Son." It replied, I now could see it clearly, It was a man who had white hair, a brown jacket, and some antidotes for curing poison in his jacket pockets. "It's me,Do you remember me?" He said. "I'm the person that raised you." "WHAT... YOUR.. MY FATHER!" "Yes.. And Iv'e been in this forest for my whole life, It's been 25 years since I last saw you." "Good old Uncle Fitch knows everything daddy." Mandy replied. "How did this happen? Why did you leave." "I just... Couldn't take It... All these years of being plain and ordinary,and now... I get my chance to be the greatest family member of all time, by raising the dead." Face It son, you should have married the right woman. Instead you married a dumb one. "DONT TALK CRAP ABOUT MY WIFE LIKE THAT! GRAAHHHH!! YOUR NOT MY FATHER,AND YOU NEVER WERE!!" I then lunged at him with full force, grabbing his coat and making him fall down the hill at the process.I fell down the mountain along with him, I then let go of his jacket then I crashed Into a boulder then continued to fall down.My legs hit a tree as my face got smahed by another boulder, still falling down of the proccess. I then tumbled down a pile ofleaves as my body was getting covered in it until I stopped falling down, and passed out on the main road. After I woke up I realized I was bleeding everywhere, mostly In my short and face. My nose was bleeding as well as my lips, my fist was impaled by a large wooden stick, My legs got splinters everywhere. And when I looked at the West direction I saw Fitch slowly comingalso completly injured. His neck and forehead were both bleeding. along with his legs, his chest had a big bleeding scar on It.He then came closer and stabbed me with a sharpened, non-rusty, cleaned knife. I fell to the ground, dying before Fitch's veryeyes, and said. "Why son, Why?" I raised you as my own son, AND THIS IS WHAT YOU REPAY ME!" He then left, my eyes then shutpermanantly. I was blind, but then I heard a kid drag me to his parents house. "Mommy, Mommy!" He said. "AH!!!!" The woman screamed. "WHERE ON EARTH DID YOU GET THAT!!" Then the last words I heard the kid say was.."I saw It in the woods."  

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