When i searched for Frozen characters, I found a download link for a video susposedly containing Olaf and clicked on it. The video started okay at first, Olaf was staring at the camera for 10 seconds before he started crying, Not a cartoon crying, but a actual real human crying, The animation started to twitch, glitch & decay as his crying grew louder and louder, It cut to black and the blood curdling shout was heard, It faded back to Olaf crying, His crying grew distorted & loud, then the "For The First Time In Forever" played in reverse & distorted, It grew faintly quiet as the animation started to glitch & decay again, It cut to static for 5 seconds before Olaf's crying turned to screams, Then the video of Elsa & Anna committing seppuku, Realistic blood was everywhere and the crows ate their organs before it cut back to Olaf staring with bleeding black soulless eyes, after the video ended, I immediately uninstalled the file and had nightmares for the whole night, The next morning I woke up, I noticed the Olaf doll was stained in blood, I threw the doll out of a window.

and a skeleton popped out.