I was on 4shared on a typical Saturday afternoon, until I found a file named "OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES: BUGBALL [FREE DOWNLOAD]". This was one of my favorite Oggy and the Cockroaches episodes from season one, so I downloaded it immediately. It took only 20 seconds.

The title card of the episode.

A Windows Media Player file named "BUGBALL" was on my desktop, so I double-clicked it and the episode played.

The episode was different than I have recalled.

The scene where Oggy unpacked the ball from its box (which was the very beginning), well, instead, let's just say that a monster from a Lovecraft story popped out. It filled Oggy's hiney with his tentacles, and the tentacles came out of his mouth. His body looked like it was melting and turning into goo.

He advanced towards Bob's house and walked inside like a zombie on the way. He went upstairs to Bob's bedroom and raped him very violently. It was
going on for the next five minutes. Bob was crying, and I felt bad for the poor bulldog.

Oggy collapsed and died after that. Bob started to cry as his house flooded with green goo.

It cut to static for 1 minute. The scene where Bob beat up Oggy was gruesome, too. Instead of the usual punching offscreen, he strangled him onscreen until his eyeballs popped out of his sockets. Bob gorged on them.

The scene where Oggy's house flew to space, instead of space, it hit the Twin Towers. This episode was made in 1999, but the Twin Towers being destroyed happened on September 11, 2001. The hell?

The very end, where Jack walked into Oggy's empty house, blood splashed and organs as he fell into the empty household.

Instead of Oggy and the roaches screaming in space, it showed a news report from 9/11 and a picture of Oggy with the eyes from SpongeBob Bootleg.

A picture of Oggy with no face and a disgusting red background showed on my computer screen for 5 minutes or so. There was a Russian text on top of him, and you can hear a blood-curling scream, plus a very angry man saying "BURN IN HELL!". The credits popped up, and it was in German. I was actually pretty lazy to translate the whole thing.

It cut to black for 30 seconds, and static for 5 minutes. It ended there. I had no choice but to scream at the top of my lungs. I couldn't believe at what I just saw. I kept pinching myself multiple times to hope it was just my imagination. I suffered insomnia for two weeks and tried my best to get the faint pictures out of my brain.

Windows Media Player closed by itself, which made me wonder. How did it do that? I didn't even click the red X, for Pete's sake! So I decided to go on YouTube and watch funny videos to erase the episode from my mind. Suddenly, I had a virus even though my anti-virus was on. I was not sure if my computer was just screwing around with me, or there was a hacker attacking my PC. So, to solve problems, I called some people to fix it afterwards.

One month later, July, I went back to 4shared but the file was completely GONE. It was nowhere to be found. Only 24 people downloaded it before it got deleted off the website for good. But hey, I was happy.

EDIT: I'll try to find more bootleg episodes if any are available.