Do you guys remember Octonauts? Well, there was a lost episode that never aired on TV.

Octonauts gif

I was watching Octonauts on my DVR when someone knocked at the door. I opened the door and saw a disk down. Nobody there, just a disk. The disk was written "OCTONAUTS" in a yellow sharpie marker. I remember seeing the yellow sharpie marker ad on Youtube. However since I love Octonauts, I put it in the DVD player with the TV. The intro didn't play, instead it showed a small clip of a woman hanging herself. Then it cut to the title card and has it's black background with red text saying "OCTONAUTS AND THE DEATH OF DASHI". It started at a Octopod, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Tunip, Tweak, Professor Inkling are gathering around the circle. Captain Barnacles said "I almost forgot my stuff! I will be right back!" and he ran to his room. Everyone except CB and Dashi now got out the guns and killed Dashi. Dashi screamed so loud like a little girl falling from the sky. Captain Barnacles comes back to find Dashi dead. CB got mad and everyone except CB ran away from the Octopod. In underwater, it was filled with full algae like it did in The Great Algae Escape episode. Everyone except CB started coughing and they lose their helmets. After 10 seconds, they drowned to death. CB comes outside holding dead Dashi and looks at everyone except CB dead down there. CB screamed like a man as it fades to black. The episode ends with no secondary episode and Creature Report. Static was all that was left. After that, it ended. I could hear a man's screaming and it was the same from the episode CB screams.