Hmm... How should I put it? It started off like this. It was a beautiful morning, I was running around outside and this tape hit my head. I turned my head around and this dude said I could have it. Bastard. I decided to fire up my old VCR and play the tape.

When it started up, it went all colourful showing random colors such as Green, Orange, Blue, Red, and Yellow and then it showed the same start up screen from Regular Show except it was called Un-Regular Show. The episode was also quite random.

You know how Mordecai is a Blue Jay, and Rigby is a Raccoon? Well it showed these bootleg prototypes with Mordecai as a blue duck and Rigby as a squirrel and then Benson pops up and walks right through my TV screen saying:


Then Skips punches me and then everything goes black. What happened next do you want to hear? Well now I'm one of them! Yes you heard me correctly now I live in the park. I have to face Benson yelling at me to do my work, I have to face Muscle Man's My Mom jokes.

I have to face the retarded Pops, and worst of all I have to face a new bad guy every Monday. I even wonder what the real world is doing know. Uh oh, I gotta go Benson's gonna yell at me again...