After reading my friend's experience and also many creepypastas, like Nintendogs Noodles, it really reminded me of a bad experience I had with Nintendogs. I have never told another living soul about this, until now.

Last Summer I was REALLY bored. I went on the computer, still bored. I ate snacks and watched TV, I was STILL bored. Until one hot sweaty Tuesday in Mid-August, I decided to play my old DS games on my 3DS.

I fished through a little plastic box I had in my room, until I found my first game I ever got, Nintendogs Dachshund and friends!

I ran downstairs to the Den to play the game.

I turned on the 3DS, pressed the DS icon, and started up the game.

The Nintendo logo boot up was different. Instead of happy various barking, there was whimpering. The happy go-lucky music on the dog screen after the boot up was replaced with a minor key.

When I looked for my Golden Retriever, Lucky, she was not around. I tried to call her name and tap the screen, when finally she showed up on the screen.

She had a present in her mouth.

I opened the present and it said, "you got special note!"

When it said this though, my dog whimpered instead of happily barking.

After that, it said, " It is suggested you see this right away. Type: Care."

I checked out the note.

It said, " Dear Owner,

This is not a joke. We have to put your dog down due to years of neglection and abuse. Come to the Kennel right away.


The Kennel."

I did just as it informed me to.

I watched what they did. A hand showed up with a syringe.

I cried as they put in the injection, which put down Lucky. The person I referenced before was my friend who had a similar experience in 2009 with a Caillou episode where Gilbert was put down. He told me in person once but never described it in great detail like on here!

When they were done, I heard soft crying, like if it was at a funeral.

It wasn't over yet.

It faded to my dead, virtual dog in a box. I realized this was a cremation.

I pet Lucky as it gave me the chance to.

Two hands picked up Lucky and placed her in a blanket. She and the blanket were placed in some sort of oven.

A hand closed the oven and it faded to the hand opening the oven, revealing a pile of pure, gray, ashes.

The ashes were then put in a cremation jar, whatever it's called.

It faded to black as the cremation jar was on a shelf.

Video game credits, like in Pokemon, rolled across the screen. Sad music played as the credits rolled.

When the credits finished, it asked me if I wanted to turn off the system or not.

I was still in despair about the loss of my 1st Nintendog I ever owned, so I chose yes.

I didn't want to play this game in a long time.

I didn't destroy the game, but kept it in a Nintendo DS bag I have. So if I ever wanted to play the game again, which won't happen in a long time, I could find it and see if I'll ever see Lucky again or not.

What I hope for, is that everything goes back to normal.

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