Nightmare Geo Guy is a creepypasta who is a character from a strange copy or a hacked version of The GreenyWorld Multi 2002. He is a nightmare version of Geo Guy. This character has similarites to sonic.exe.

This is what he looks like.

He has a Chersire Cat smile except he has fangs.

The Pasta

Remember The GreenyWorld Multi 2002, that game for the PS2 that came out in 2001, and the it was later ported to Game Boy Advance, Xbox and GameCube as launch titles, right? Well, It all started with me getting some PS2 games in a flea market.

I was so excited when I found a copy of The GreenyWorld Multi 2002 that came with a disc that said: "TGWM2002 for PS2 (PLEASE CHECK THE FILES FIRST)". So, I took the disc home and pop it on my computer to check some files.

I went to the characters folder and look all the characters with a script called: "CHAR.DAT". But, at the very bottom, the folder read: "NIGHTMARE GEO GUY".

"Odd" I thought and I click the folder and there were only 2 files:


"Umm...This is must be a hacked version of this game" I thought again and I took the game out of my computer and I pop it on my PS2.

The logos, intro and the title screen looked normal, and the menu also look normal. I went to the option called "Multi", I chose "War", and I chose Nightmare Geo Guy. He had soulless black eyes, large red pupils, blood coming down from his eyes, and holding a knife. He was player 1, Squidward, from Spongebob was player 2, Stan, from South Park was player 3, and Crash Bandicoot was player 4. I chose a stage called: "Battlefield", the game took 10 seconds to load, and the game finally starts.

I can control Nightmare Geo Guy to walk, jump, and put a weapon, but there were only 3 weapons. There was a knife, a chainsaw, and a gun. He walked to Squidward, and he killed him. Then, Nightmare Geo Guy stands over Squidward, and he rips his stomach and EATS his organs! I was shocked! He hade to walk to Stan!

Nightmare Geo Guy pulls out a gun and shoots Stan in the gut. Nightmare Geo Guy then stands over Stan, and he somehow tears open his chest and proceeds to eat his intestines.

Then Nightmare Geo Guy walked to Crash. Somehow, Nightmare Geo Guy punches Crash and then he dies. Nightmare Geo Guy pulls out a chainsaw and kills Crash in the head.

Text came up on the screen saying: "Congratulations! You won! Do you want to pick another stage?". I chose no.

Then the text said in red:


Then it went to the stage selection screen.

I had to be the regular Geo Guy to fight with Nightmare Geo Guy! I choose a stage, but at the very bottom, it simply said: "Stage".

"That's odd. How can a stage be called Stage?" I thought and I chose the stage. The game took 10 seconds to load like before. Then the game finally starts.

In this stage, the sky was pitch black, the river was bloody red, and there's a only circle line. There is Nightmare Geo Guy, who is killing some players. Geo Guy tried to fight Nightmare Geo Guy, but It didn't work.

Nightmare Geo Guy killed the regular Geo Guy and Nightmare Geo Guy walks over to him and the screen cut to static for 15 seconds. Then, accompanied by the static-like sound you hear when you get caught by Slenderman, a picture of Nightmare Geo Guy's head front view appears with text at the top saying:


Then the static flickered 3 times and on the 3rd time it did the distorted and demonic Kefka laugh from sonic.exe.

Then it cut to static again but the noise being louder and more distorted for a good 6 seconds.

Then it stopped and showed nothing but black screen.

As I sat there staring at the black screen, one last text came up.

"You're next."

Then I took the disc out and smashed it.

If you ever see a hacked copy of The GreenyWorld Multi 2002, stay away from it.