Netflix Smash Bros. has always been one of my favorite video game franchises, with its platformer spin-offs, fantasy themes and animated style of video game graphics. But out of all the games throughout the series' run, the game I found to be the most epic was Twilight Unbound.

It was said to be a parody of Sonic Unleashed. The game focused on Twilight Sparkle as she is under a spell by a Windigo spirit that causes her to become a monstrous, colt-like version of herself at night. Courage is the protagonist of the game and he has to help Twilight gain control of her nightly form and stop Trixie from unleashing Ursa Minor's larger cousin, Ursa Major.

The game was also described as dark and disturbing. More disturbing than Sonic Unleashed actually. It also dealt with themes like gothic horror and female possession. Those were some odd things to be put in a kids' game. But I was only six years old when I played it, because my parents didn't mind the game's rating (Everyone 10+).

I was playing Netflix Smash Bros.: Rainbow Race on my Nintendo 3DS, until there was a knock at the door. I went to answer, but it turns out that nobody was at the door. On the welcome mat, there was a disc inside an envelope with the words, "NSB: TU" written on it in black marker. I became excited and decided to relive the old days, because I sent the game back a couple of years ago.

I slammed the disc into my Ubi-Sega V-Cube with excitement and began to play the game.

The beginning cutscene was fairly normal, but the title screen wasn't like usual. The split-side sky was red and Courage was missing. I ignored it, thinking it was just a glitch and started a new game. Instead of the second cutscene being shown, it just skipped right to the game.

Everything was going okay, until I entered the first destination: Nowhere. When the cutscene in which Twilight and Spike were going to get Courage to help them defeat Trixie and get the Windigo out of Twilight's body, Courage's eyes weren't right. They were pitch black with red dots for pupils. That nearly made me cringe. I thought that humurous, rather suspenseful tension would build up at this point. But the cutscenes skipped and it just went to Courage with the two.

When I entered the first boss (Katz), something wasn't right. The motel was just straight black and the sign was on fire. But I thought this was just some other glitch. The boss fight went on normally. The same repeated for the rest of the areas, especially the glitchy levels.

When I reached the final destination, Courage was all alone and there was really creepy music playing in the background. Courage arrived and saw Trixie, but her appearance... it was different. Her hair was messy and covered in realistic blood, her eyes were completely blood-red and her teeth had suddenly grown a bit, causing them to look like fangs. No, no, she's not a vampire. Well she could be, but that's not the point. Courage did his usual scream and proceeded to run for the exit, but it was blocked like it normally was, only that it was made of wood and covered in claw marks and blood.

Trixie walked towards Courage and spoke in a demonic language. I translated the speech to understand what she was trying to say. What she said was horrifying: "There's no turning back now, little mutt. Now that you're trapped in hell with me, I'm going to let you die a slow and painful death, just like your owners did. No one will understand it..."

The screen showed Eustace and Muriel hanging on gallows over a fire. The most disturbing part was that the fire wasn't animated, it was real life fire! Then, it showed Twilight and Spike lying down on the floor with their throats slit. Courage walked towards their dead bodies and started crying. It wasn't cartoon-style crying, it sounded like his voice actor was crying!

After a minute of this, the screen suddenly cut to static for a few seconds before abruptly cutting back to the game. The final boss battle between Courage and Ursa Major was normal. But the theme was playing in reverse and in G-Major. When I got Ursa Major down to half of his health, I watched in shock as something unexpected happened. The gigantic constellation bear grabbed Courage by the head and swallowed him! Then, he spit the dog's corpse out and a loud screech sounded. The screech was loud enough to make my ears bleed.

A picture of that CGI fetus creature from the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode, "Perfect", came up. His right eye was gouged out and a katana was stuck in his belly. He spoke in that same whispery voice: "You're not perfect... you're pathetic." The echoing of his sentence continued before the screen suddenly went to loud red static with a faint image of this... demonic Twilight Sparkle, crashing the game.

I took the disc out of the V-Cube and I thought to myself: "Did I actually play this? Did Ubisoft really make this copy, or was it someone else?" I had no idea. So I threw the game into the dumpster and it had been there ever since...

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