Whoever has played the game "Megaman 3"? It was a pretty decent game. So, at Game-G, I was testing some GameBoy Advance games, until I asked the clerk if he had any MegaMan games. He says he only had MegaMan Powered Up, until i found a MegaMan 3 cartridge under Super Mario and Duck Hunter. So I got the cartridge along with Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom and Fairly Odd Parents Breakin' Da Rules. When I got home, I downloaded information from the cartridge and downloaded it onto ROM. So the cartridge was empty. I decided to send it to a close friend (Who likes Mega Man).

So who got the cartridge data had a tough (but brave) experience with it. He said the rom was jacked up, and he sent me some screenshots. When I saw the screenshots, I put all the data back into the cartridge and sent it back to Game-G. I told the clerk that the game's data was clogged, and I showed him the screenshots. Then, the clerk threw the cartridge into the trashbin. Little who knows what happens next..

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