One day I was watching Destroy Build Destroy, you know, the show about 2 teams ( that are famous) destroy each other vehicles and building what the host tell them and the winning team can destroy the other team contraption, well the power have gone out before it started. I was playing with my laptop until the power went on. I checked the recording history to see if it recorded any part of destroy build destroy. It recorded my little pony friendship is magic, party of one. I press play and the introduction play just fine. Then it show a pinkie pieish mario realistic face picture shows and stay on for 20 minutes before going back to the regular episode. Then remembering the pinkie pie hallucinations moment I thought it was alright. But, when it got to the part where rainbow dash bust in pinkie pie house, rainbow dash said something in slowed demonic voice, instead of her usual line. Then when it got to the part where both are fighting, pinkie pie actually kill rainbow dash instead of stomping her. Then the other 4 come in and was kill by pinkie pie gun. It was a machine gun. The realistic blood coming out of the 4 at a fast pace. The final frame show pinkie pie in a helicopter and a nuke and she was flying low (not so low where the nuke won't go off) and she released it and a very realistic scream of all of the characters and the ending is like dead bart and the next program began normally.

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