I was a worker at Tiger Aspect for a year in 2012 for my degree in animation. A man called Daniel brought us a tape. The tape was a Charlie and Lola episode. After giving that tape, he left. I popped the tape into the VHS player and check out what it was.

When it started, it looked out-of-the-ordinary. The normal intro was there, with some oddities.

First, there was a black screen for a second before the song started out. It ended with Charlie in the white circle on a red background, but Lola was nowhere to be seen.

The title of the episode was "My Poor Charlie". It began with Charlie, sitting on Charlie and Lola's white sofa as normal.

He then said "Hello, my name is Charlie. Have you seen Lola? My sister?".

He then opened the door and the camera changed to outside where Lola was pulling out the large package from a mailbox.

Charlie then grabbed Lola's neck and Lola pulled Charlie's hair, letting go of Charlie. She then bite his hair and jumped off of Charlie's head. The next scene was Lola, looking upset sitting on the couch.

She then said something before Charlie came in and Lola killed him.

It then showed Lola, holding Charlie's dead body, full of blood, guts, brains and scratches all over. 

She then got a rope, tied the rope around on Charlie's dead body and put it in the kitchen. 

It then showed a hyper-realistic drawing of Lola, standing in front of Charlie's dead body in her kitchen.

She then said her first line in the episode, in a low tone, "This was going to happen sometime". She then pulled out a trigger, placed it in her mouth and he exploded into blood and guts.

The episode ended with Lola's dead body on the floor, while a creepy voice said "Spread the word...".

I then took the tape out, smashed it into half with a hammer and throw it into the trash bin to never watch it again.

I then grabbed some wood with fire, dropped down the fire and the tape burned. I waited and waited for a hour to stop burning. Soon, the flames went down.

I then looked at the tape, seeing it was destroyed or not. Goodly enough, it was destroyed, burnt, smashed and broken with pieces everywhere. I then stomped on the tape, destroying it even more until it was in 101 pieces.

After watching that episode, I no longer watched another episode of Charlie and Lola again.

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