The intro image for the show.

Has anyone ever seen this video about the MLP VHS? Not a lost episode, just official. Okay, with that being said; go watch the footage. One time i was looking for MLP episodes, when i caught this episode with two 0s and the title was japenese. It looked fucked up. I transalated it. This is a creepy title. Ok be prepared, My Little Pony - Season 0 - Episode 0 The Suicide. 0_0 holy fuck i couldnt download it. But i did find the VHS lying in the grass one day outside my house. Again, japenese text. I couldnt see it so much, so i took it home and popped it in my VCR. And it showed the intro, but very corrupted with jumbos of colors. Possibly like this SBSP i corrupted with corrupster:
Screenshot 2014-07-16-01-46-56-2

The corrupted SBSP episode.

Until it seized. And i watched, until i saw Pinkie Pie walking like from the other article "Unknown MLP FIM Episode"

  • But it never played this quote "Then the screen shakes, with a red screen effect" it just turns to static. The scene shows Twilight getting ready to go somewhere. unfortunately, Twilight gets crushed by a huge piece of stone, and blood squrts on the camera, but it wasnt your average cartoon blood, it was hyper-realistic blood. And Fluttershy comes along, and the blood stays on also. Wierd, and she sees it. She starts crying uncontrollably and realisticly. Rainbow Dash appears and comes over. This part, she starts crying very uncontrollably also, Pinkie Pie came, she didnt care. Until she finds out she's dead. Then, all the ponies grab realistic guns, puts them in ther mouths, and shoots it. This point the camera goes dark-blood like red. And it cuts to static and ends. I popped it out and smashed it out in the road, into tiny peices of nothing. If you ever come across an MLP episode like this, please feel free to make a page of it. 

But that wasn't all! I found a download that had the same episode file. But the link is broken, suddenly the page closed and downloaded this ".avi" i was scared. You know VideoPad from NCH? You can make videos with no names on them! Insane!!!! So i deleted it, but it wouldn't delete. I kept it. Now i fear about the episode now, this one legit gave me nightmares!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic on VHS

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic on VHS

The MLP series on VHS.