Creepy Things Might Happen. Should i say?

I was on my computer searching something until I found a download link on a website. I scanned it for viruses. All what it says on the link is "Equestriadirectorscut.d8sdiehsjdidfi2$&÷I". With following lines of gibberish. It loaded and played. It started with the intro but something was different and off. The quality was mediocre and then turned more crappier than usual. 

Towards the end of the intro, all it says on the logo is "Blood Red Books". I thought it was a joke. It starts off with Rarity sitting in a cafeteria table. She was crying. The crying looked poorly recorded. The camera zooms towards Spike hanging in the celling. It was really disturbing. Sunset Shimmer walked towards Spike and whispered "He needs to care on for centuries". The quality shaked badly and everything was blurry. 

It cuts to static for 12 seconds. Applejack is surrounded by fire as she melts like a ice lolly close to the sun. It cuts to a horrifyingly....demonic.....sinister...image of Fluttershy with deformed hair, long arms, black eyes and exploded mouth. It cuts to a flash of a frame of a hyper-realistic image of Spike being stabbed to death. I jumped in fear.

Twilight Sparkle was eating rotting bodies of Octavia, Sweetie Belle and Trixie. In the background, Sonata Dusk is being cutted with a knife by Bon Bon. As I heard screaming coming from the speakers. Static came again, this time, there was a hidden clip of Pinkie Pie cutting off Spike's hanging rope with a pair of sissors. (Manly to bring him back to life). Sunset Shimmer was walking on a abandoned tunnel and muffled screams can be heard. They grew louder and louder as she ran. Then she fell.

She glitched in damage as images flashed on and off the screen. Pictures of Equestria Girls characters, disgusting and gory. Like Sweet Leaf's stomach torn open to death and Rainbow Dash biting Derpy's head off.

More Coming Soon.