Does anybody remember Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, right? It was originally released for the Xbox in 2001 as a launch title. As a kid, I loved that game, seeing it in 3D and going on adventures with Abe and Munch to use power-ups that are vending machines.

Well, this game was originally going to be a PlayStation 2 title to be released around 2000, but it was cancelled and moved to the Xbox as a launch title. However, there's one time, I just played an unreleased prototype of the cancelled PS2 Munch's Oddysee beta that shouldn't be... It's also messed up that doesn't like the actual Munch's Oddysee game!

The story began with me watching some Munch's Oddysee PS2 beta footage videos on YouTube. I thought that the PS2 version would have been cool if it was released. I searched all over the internet for a ISO to download but nothing came up.


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