Recently it was my best mates little sisters 5th Birthday and I was searching around online for a cheap DVD of a kids TV show that she liked.

I knew she loved Mr Tumble and I luckily managed to get a DVD from some nutter who gave me the DVD for nothing.

I noticed the DVD when it arrived was in damaged packaging and the disc had 'MR TUMBLES FINALE' in bold letters which I assumed was something that the person wrote on there to not lose the DVD. I decided to test the DVD out and this is when it got....SCARY!!!!!

It started off with Mr Tumble walking in smoking a spliff with the sounds of kids crying. He's usually smiling but this time he looked stoned.

He looked at the cameras and yelled 'FUCK OFF!!!'

It then cut to shots of 9/11, dead pics of Michael Jackson and several dead pics of unknown people. These pics appeared as static went on and off while you could just about see Mr Tumble crying in an asylum. It then cut to Mr Tumble cutting himself with blood splattering everywhere while 'Suicide is Painless' by the Manic Street Preachers played as it cut on and off to pictures of lost band member Richey Edwards cutting himself.

Finally all of this self harming stopped and a sound of a woman screaming came on and then Mr Tumble began to cry out blood.

He looked at the camera and said 'Try signing this you little motherfuckers, you all ruined me now I am broke so here is my reward!'

He then pulled a gun out and shot himself in the head.

It then cut to a shot of his corpse as he was laying in a pool of his own blood rushing from his corpses head.

It then stopped and my DVD player caught fire, Only discovering that the Disc was un harmed after I put the small blaze out. The disc was still cool and I felt fearful.

I threw the DVD in the bin and managed to find a copy of the real Something Special instead.

But I still remember what I saw and Mr Tumble blew his head off and is now dead..........

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