Nightmare finn adventure time by danluvisiart-d64futq

This is what Nightmare Finn look like.

Finn tossed and turned in his rock-hard mattress. He couldn’t sleep at all. Finn was troubled by nightmares, and Jake was snoring loudly. Finn looked outside, to see it was almost midnight, then he looked at his clock, 11:56 it glowed. Finn could faintly hear a rattling noise, and it was coming from downstairs…. what was making that noise?

Finn slid out of his bed, and went down the steps. Suddenly, Jake awoke, after hearing Finn walking down the steps.

“Dude, why are you up so late,” Jake asked, slightly startled.

“I don’t know man. There is something downstairs, and it is my job to find out what it is!”

“Don’t be so serious, dude, it’s probably just a rat or something. N-”

Jake’s sentence was suddenly interrupted by a loud clang from downstairs.

“Do you think a rat made that noise?” Finn said as he pointed downstairs. “Yeah man. Rats are always making loud noises and pulling things off shelves and things.”

“Well, rat or no rat I’m going to find out what it is!”

“Whatever, man, I’m going back to sleep.”


Slightly angry, Finn walked silently down the stairs. It was amazing how quiet his tree house could possibly be. Finn walked all the way, and saw something in the kitchen.

His heart stopped.

“Who are you, and what are you doing in MY tree house?” Finn screamed. The thing turned around. It had a grey, vain-covered face with tiny beady eyes and wore a business suit.

“I SAID, WHO ARE YOU?” Finn screamed at the top of his lungs. The thing stood there. Suddenly, it went into attack mode and pulled a knife on Finn.

“I am Mr. Something.” the figure said in an animated voice.

“Who?” Finn rephrased.

“I said, I am MR. SOMETHING!”

The thing lashed the knife at Finn.

Jake awoke by Finn’s blood-curdling scream.