Have you ever heard of a lost episode of Monica's Gang? Well, it was supposed to air on TV, but failed to. It's name was "The Death of Smudge". The episode starts off with the intro, expect Smudge wasn't there.

The name of the episode was "The Death of Smudge", the episode shows all of the characters on the plane trip. In this scene, the animation looks very choppy and somewhat unfinished, the only audio was the sound of the plane flying. But then, Smudge got out of the plane and gets sucked out.

It then shows his lifeless body on the ground, dead. The picture in the scene is all black and white. There was blood all over him, the blood didn't look like cartoon blood, it was realistic blood.

It then showed the main character's house, Monica, Jimmy Five, Chuck Bill and Maggy were all inside silent. There was no sign of Smudge there, it then cuts to black and text read: "43 seconds later", it then cut to the scene where the gang were all silent, but something was different, Monica was very frustrated and was naked, Jimmy Five has disappeared from the room, Chuck Bill looked somewhat mad and Maggy had a evil grin on his face.

Monica then said something, but it was very hard to tell what he was saying, the screen then goes to static and shows the gang at Smudge's funeral. They looked at the grave reading "Entered in Peace: Smudge" with Smudge's same lifeless body from the beginning.

The episode ended with Monica, Jimmy Five, Chuck Bill and Maggy all sitting in their room, all of this picture was drawn in hyper realistic. Screen cuts to black and text appears stating:

"Smudge is now dead, his gang sent him into Hell, Goodbye".

There was no credits, we were probably angry at this and we don't know what is going on.

There's something I need to tell you that this episode was not to be found, but smudgedeathclip has uploaded clips of the episode.

Thank you for taking time reading this.

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