( warning: the following has/is got scenes similar to ones from sanjay and craig lost episode so don't say arrg haaa you copied it ! remember: it's just a story now have fun reading it bye )

hi I am max

now one time I found a dvd that said major nixel's revenge and I prepared to watch it the tape begun with flain taking a nap while zorch kept hitting vulk with a towel like it did in conapple but major nixel went into infernite land and zorch saw him and major nixel beat up zorch and vulk said aaah intruder ! quick flain wake up wake up !!! and flain was dreaming of pie and his friends were there and major nixel crashed into flain's bed and he woke up and got angry then , m.n ( major nixel ) spit on vulk and killed them , then major nixel ripped flain's arm off and he screamed in pain and died and major nixel yelled you made me do this ! mahahahahaha next , grangster land and major nixel went to grangster land.

then, in grangster land they were mining for rocks and sesimo said guys it's so peace and quiet down here mining and shuff said I know isn't it and krader said guys what was that noise ? and major nixel was there and he ripped krader's big hand off and killed him and sesimo ran away and shuff ran away too and major nixel killed shuff and he said ran away eh ? mahahahahahaha, next: electroid land !!! and he went to electroid land

then , sesimo went to electroid land and telso said hi seismo, how's it going ? and sesimo said not good, major nixel just killed shuff and krader sesimo said and major nixel arrived and zaptor said holy hamologa samwitch and volecto said pl-a-a-y time ! and major nixel killed sesimo and telso said run guys, runnn ! and before telso could run major nixel cut his eye off and killed him and zaptor said yay ! now I can be leader and major nixel cut his arm off and he died and he killed volecto

eventuly, major nixel concered the mixel universe then it showed the frosticons arriving and they killed him

                           the end

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