If you watch Nick nowadays It's almost impossible to not see the Loud house as it took Spongebob in popularity when it started as if you go Nick you see it 56% of the time as it is very popular for a new show and sometimes gives some of the old Nick feel that the 90s gave off back then,But it didn't always give viewers smiles,Infact it gave viewers nightmares.

Don't strug me off as lunatic whom is so insane He can't tell the difference between His hallucinations and His reality as I'm personally very sane, but really does it really matter?

The lunatic who made it that's probably coming for me sooner than I think and is waiting for the right time to run into my house and stab me like a kid who just found his Dad's gun.

For those whom have idea what I'm Talking about let me give you a rundown.

On New Year's Eve in Missouri and Missouri only a new episode Called NeVER FORGeT aired on select nickelodeon stations.

the episode began normally except the title card was a black box filling the screen with the episode title in white on it.

it began with the Loud family doing the normal until Lucy screamed offscreen

"I Feel a hand on the light switch."

Just as said that the lights went out and you could see a power line crack the window revealping the night sky giving off a uneasy feeling to viewers who where unfortunate enough to watch it that night.

photos of dead dogs and crap where shown on screen 1 minute each as Lynn's screams as it turned to laughter and it showed a nuclear explosion,a baby screaming and a dying elder.

A man by the name of jimmy jefferson said "it was scary as hell but I felt drunk."

his child saw a ad for GuardIan's of the galaxy vol 2 during the episode's commercial breaks. it came back with a eyeball looking at Lynn. It glitches for 4 seconds and the intro played in Reverse audio only with the image on screen for a hour. The chain played for 2 minutes as dying bird screamed for a couple minutes and blood fell down the screen for 4 seconds as a screeching violin for 4 minutes.