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One night, I brought a DVD copy of Despicable Me Presents: Minion Madness at the pawn shop. I went home, put the disc in my PS2 (it plays DVDs), get some popcorn and some apple juice to watch the movie. The Universal logo was there, It skipped the previews and the DVD menu looked perfect. I press play and i am at the mini-movie menu, but at the very bottom, there was an mini-movie numbered 4. All of the mini-movies, including this one, ended in 3 mini-movies. This fourth mini-movie was titled: "Killing Toon Link" Toon Link? Toon Link is in a mini-movie! He is not supposed to be in Despicable Me! So, I press play to watch the mini-movie.

It started out with the title card. Toon Link is seen hanging above the ceiling. A noose wrap around his neck as he dangled while blood dripped from slits all over his face and onto the floor. Then the name of the mini-movie appeared in bloody text. Then it cut to the minions working on something. They seemed they planning to kill Toon Link. It cut to Toon Link entering Gru's lab. Then the minions looked at him. A minion says: "TOOLIN!" and then they attacked them. The screen went black and Toon Link opens his eyes and he saw one of the minions.

A minion that resembles Dave pulls out a... knife? Minions were not supposed to have a knife! The minion stabs Toon Link in the chest and he begins to cry. Not like cartoon crying, but actual real child crying. Then a minion pulls out Toon Link's stomach and ATE his organs! I was very vomited! The minions began to take out Toon Link's head out and he finally died. The minions began to laugh.
Disturbing Toon Link

This is what Toon Link might looked like at the end of the short film

Then the screen cuts to black. It stayed there for 3 minutes. Then it flashed a very disturbing image of Toon Link. His eyes are pitch black, blood dripping from his eyes, cuts in his body and his arms and legs were cut off. Then he said: "Why couldn't you save me? Why? WHY?" He begins to cry and the camera zoom out and it went black. Instead of the credits rolling, it played distorted piano music in reverse, probably JS Bach Badinerie, and the text said:

"Toon Link is now dead, because the minions killed him. So, Tetra and Aryll put his body in the hole. This is all your fault. You couldn't save him. You're next."

The PS2 shut off by itself. I turned it back on, I took the disc out, smashed it in pieces with a hammer and I swear, I will not going to watch that disc NEVER again. I had nightmares of the mini-movie.

If you see a DVD copy of Minion Madness with this mini movie on it, don't buy it, just leave it alone.

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