Well, we all know the Minions from Despicable Me and it's sequel, but there's a fake game series called "Minions" that says they did not. Now Minions 2, for the PlayStation 2 was pretty good, but i decided to make it real. There were some mistakes in the making.

After a while, after months of making, i finished the PS2 Homebrew. I went ahead, burned the disc, and put it in my PS2. Everything was normal, but.. A FLOATING ISLAND ON THE MAP? A FLOATING ISLAND? ON THE MAP? So there was a floating island.

And i went there.

The sky was all Red. and i was walking around. Everything was blank. A blank old field. Then out of the blue, i saw Toon Link's corpse, behind a message block. The message block  said "CORPSE OF THIS FATE WHO PLANS TO GET REVENGE SOMEDAY." Then, my character (Dave) fell of a pit. I died. The screen was black with distorted music with the words "GAME OVER" in blood red. I took the game out, put it back in my PC, opened Game Maker up, and removed that island and room.

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