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The video

One day, I was at FileCrop on my computer to search for a rip of Despicable Me. At the fifth Google page, there was a video file at the bottom. It was titled: "minion.avi". It was at Mediafire. So, I downloaded and double-clicked the video to watch it.

The video clip started out with Dave the Minion standing on a white background. He just stood there for about a minute. Then it cut to static for four or five seconds, then it cut to Dave again.

There was a 2 second static. It cut to Dave, then cuts to static. Then it showed a single frame of Dave with black eyes. It cut to static.

Then it showed Dave in black and white. His mouth was completely gone. There was no "G" at the center on his shirt. Eerie music played, with continuously increased volume. He looked at me. He began to glitch. That was, until there was a deep close-up at his face.

Before the video ended, a shot from Squidward's Suicide appeared in a single frame. Then, it cut to static.

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