This story contains 3 days of horrific (or not) worlds found.

It's still a short dialogue like my other story.

Day one

One day I was in school, hearing rumors about the suicide. A student suicided because of many effects, including nausea, headaches, projectile vomiting, etc. This morning I went to the bathroom for a piss until I heard a hard slam from the ceiling, and came a dead corpse. there were 3 people with me, who are my friends. 1 of them ran off to tell the teacher, 2 vomited, and for me, i found a little card showing a link to a game.Bad mistake

Day two

It was a saturday, all alone with my friends, who also wanted to find out the link too.It showed only 0ne little red square, I clicked the square, and showed me a jumpscare which terrified us. later on, I was about to shutdown my computer because of my headache, and all i found was a icon that showed that square from that creepy website.And my computer crashed.

Day three

My friends were hanging out with me, and told him the icon. It worked this time, but the game was MINECRAFT!, we all cheered because we are all fans of minecraft. Until the theme was deeper to high-pitched. We all covered our ears. I pressed play and showed 3 worlds, 1:Die, 2:Kill her, 3:GOODBYE!.

1: it showed us minecraft's world upside down to hell. And all the mobs crying and yelling: LET US OUT!!

2: A world only in the mines, with no outside. Only 2 things in this world: a minecart and a steve with bloody eyes. While we were riding the cart, until we see alex tied up, my friends yelled: STOP THE CART! and yelled back: I CAN'T! and ran over alex like sushi, with REAL blood. we all vomited again.

3: A hand reached out of the screen and grabbed sebastian in the neck, he choked very hard. I brought my dad's sledgehammer and broked the hand, and came back with the crash. A few hours later, my icons were all GONE. only a decapitated head of steve....

The Aftermath

the computer was thrown out . we told my parents everything and put us to a mental hospital.

tonight, the whole suicide boy came back again, this time he stood up. and said, YOU WILL BE THROWN TO THE DEPTHS OF HELL! holy water, a cross, and a bible. he ran off and crashed throughout the window. ouch. the nurse checked in on us, and saw a broken window.

we may never play or watch minecraft again.