Rowdyruffboy120 Is currently a near famous YouTuber who has over 200 subscribers. The first cartoon he did for youtube was '"Millard Fillmore. The Problem was that alot of people hated it because of the poor quality animation. The reason it was so bad is because rowdy didnt have the right animation software. He tried Anime Studio, but it didnt work out. Instead he used Windows Paint to do the animations. The show is about the 13'th president, Millard Fillmore that has crazy adventures with the 16'th president Abe and the famous inventor Ben Franklin and tries to stop a army of Redcoats that hates them. So heres a lost episode for you:

The episode begin's with Abe looking out of the window. He suddenly sees a redcoat. He grabs a sniper gun and shoots the redcoat. Suddenly, the leader of the redcoats, Redcoat John comes out of no where and stabs
Abe in the leg. He cries in ultimate pain as he bleeds to death. Suddenly Ben says Abe what the heck is going on here?. Then John shoots ben repeatly with a machine gun. Ben tries to crawl away to the front door, but is beheaded by John. Suddenly, Millard comes in the living room and is horrified by the killings. He screamsNoooooo!!!! and suddenly, John says Hi! I'm Redcoat John! Millard kicks John and he falls in the microwave. He burns to death, screaming Damn you Millard!. Millard is then seen preparing to eat redcoat john. The episode shows a few commercials and Teletoon ads and then it ended peacefully.

Do not watch Millard Fillmore anymore unless you ask Rowdyruffboy120 if they are okay to watch.

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