im a huge mike lu And og fan some tape i got i zoomed it and the tape went on og just sittiing on the log and mike was sleeping on margerys bed og just went walking lu  just been on wendells home wendell just gets mad and said stop it tails wendell calls lu tails og went crazy  and back to normal that wasent aproproit cartoon network fan mike wake up from ogs horn just been lu has been singsing lacelot songs and  make peaple cry and you stink! from spongebob sqaurepants and lu really cry very hard and  crying harder more and it cut the black before that a pop of og and now the cartoon network logo and after it cut to black for 4 mins this time it was diffrent lu touch his eye and sobbing more hard itwas really weired it was a bloody eye the pupils are red and og went to visit him og said its ok lu looks sobbing and angry she said shut up!!!!!!!!!!!
forevere he  said youre rude and take it  and lu put a hammer smash og and kills him and drawing of og dead and bring ogs feneral and ogs body went back to normal lu got his plan wendel say feneral is a stupid time lu get by time ernels

he went fern lu fort s gets killed

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