Before title screen

I was searching my attic one Saturday, while my parents went shopping for groceries, when I came across a box labeled ‘old tapes’. Curiously, I opened the box to find a variety of old VHS tapes of different TV shows. The one on the top of the pile caught my eye because of the familiar face. It was called “Mickey and the Flip Mirror”. On the cover was Mickey Mouse with Donald, Goofy, and Pete. However, something was different about the way there faces were. Donald look very depressed and sat on the ground, holding his legs. Goofy was at the top of Pete’s boat looking very angry with his fist in the air, and one of his shoes were missing. Pete was hanging off the side of his boat with both hands on the rail, trying to pull himself up. Also, Pete had a depressed look on his face. Mickey was the one who caught my eye. He was sitting on a pile of hay with an evil grin on his face. A foot came from the hay at the back, and Mickey was holding a pitch fork with something dripping off it. (Remember, I was younger when this happened and the moive was all black and white. So, I didn’t take to mind what it could be.) Excited, I closed the box and ran downstairs to the basement. Later, I placed in the VHS tape and waited for it to start. For about two minutes, it was just a black screen with faint sounds of waves. Soon, a picture of Mickey came onto the screen. He was leaning from the middle of a skull and crossbones symbol. This unnerved me in a way. Then, it faded to the title screen. It begins on a nice day showing Pete’s boat pulling into the harbor and he appeared angry about something. Soon, Goofy ran from his barn in a hurry and started yelling at Pete. However, Pete simply pushed him out of the way, dropping Goofy in the water. The video distorted for a couple of seconds and showed Goofy coming out of his barn again. This time, when he ran to Pete, Goofy grabbed him and whips Pete into the wall of his barn. Suddenly, a pile of hay fell onto Pete and trapped him underneath. Then, Goofy walked up to him and I saw a close up of Goofy's face, which showed complete anger in his eyes. Once he reached the haystack, my television screen turned black for a couple a seconds. Soon, words appeared saying “10 minutes before” and showed Mickey on a hill with his friends, Goofy and Donald, looking at a mirror. All of them had scared expressions on their faces. Mickey reached for the mirror and a bolt of lightning strikes the glass, shattering it at all three of them. Both Mickey and Goofy were fine, but Donald stumbled back too far, tumbling off the hill. The video distorted again and I thought I heard creepy laughter coming from my television. It showed the broken mirror again. However, the shards of glass which still remained on it glowed a dark red and the mirror repaired itself. Mickey looked around and spotted Goofy running down the hill. Once Mickey looked back at the mirror, a mysterious hand grabbed him and pulled Mickey inside. Now, a darker and wrecked up version of Mickey emerged from the mirror. His clothing was ripped and he appeared almost beast-like. The screen faded to Goofy, who is still running down the hill and trips on a rock, rolling into town. Now, I saw him all cut up and bleeding. Soon, someone approached Goofy and dragged him away. However, I couldn't tell who it was at the moment. Later, the inside of Goofy's barn was shown. Both Mickey's doppelganger and the mirror were now in the barn. Soon, the evil version of Mickey placed Goofy inside the mirror and a bright light revealed a hooded figure. It was a darker version of Donald. Soon, an evil version of Goofy stepped outside the mirror. All three of them started to walk in a circle as my television screen faded to static. All I could hear for five minutes was low humming and footsteps. Eventually, the words “after Pete” appeared on my television screen. It faded to an image of Goofy covered in a dark liquid, which was dripping from him and the haystack. Soon, Mickey lit a match and set Pete's boat on fire. After that, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy marched towards the middle of the harbor. They all looked straight at the screen, like they could see me, and started walking towards it. As they walked, their appearance slowly became more frightening. Mickey grew larger, as his teeth morphed into fangs and his gloves became claws. Donald's beak melted off, revealing a grotesque mouth full of shark-like teeth and foam. All of the whimsical audio was now replaced by a loud humming. Behind them, I saw the entire town burning to the ground. Right before they could reach me, I witnessed Pete's grave in the left corner of the screen burst into flames. Soon, a single hand came out from the fire. Frightened, I jumped right out of my seat and pressed the eject button on my TV. The video stopped just before they got to the screen. However, the humming was still ringing in my ears after I removed the VHS. I took the video, as well as a few others in the box, and burned them all so I wouldn’t be tempted to finish it or watch anything else in that box which could be worse. The only thing I remembered before burning the video was the cover with Mickey Mouse again. It was different this time. It showed what I last saw, their evil grins and faces coming towards me. However, one thing I will never forget is when I put the movie into the box to be burned, I saw something on the back cover. The mirror from the film now showed the original Mickey, Goofy, and Donald with depressed faces. A pair of red eyes glowed behind them in the darkness.