Metroid has been my favorite video game series ever since I was young. I have played every Metroid game up until Metroid Prime. Once I heard that a Metroid game was coming to my favorite console of all time, you could imagine how overcome I was with joy. On the Friday the game came out I was so excited that I was squealing like a little girl the entire day. I had to rush home from school because I was serving a detention for defacing my desk.

I ran the 6 blocks to my nearest video game store. The store was called Mitch's Game Warehouse. All the kids at my school knew and loved Mitch. We all treated him as if he was our father. I rushed through the door nearly giving Mitch a heart attack. Mitch knew all the kids in the neighborhood by name.

"Tommy, what the hell are you doing? Ya trying to tackle my door?" he said with an annoyed look on his face. I chuckled and apologized to him.

"Sorry Mitch, I just had to rush here to see if there were any copies of Metroid Prime left in stock." Mitch looked kind of disappointed after those words left my mouth.

"Sorry Tommy, but I think that we're out of stock for Metroid Prime until our next shipment arrives which will be a week from now." I was devastated, near tears when I heard I wouldn't be able to play the newest edition to my favorite franchise.

"Wait a sec," Mitch said after seeing the hopeless look on my face. "There might be another copy left in the back, let me check." My face lit up with joy.

Mitch walked into a little room with a black door and a silver doorknob. He turned the knob and entered the room. He came out a couple of minutes later with a game and what looked like a Samus figurine.

"Turns out there was a single copy left in the back. I also got you this neat looking figurine that was next to the game on my desk. I never even knew I had this thing." I was so giddy at the sight of the copy of Metroid Prime. I asked him very abruptly:

"How much is it?"

Mitch looked kind of startled at the look I had in my eyes. I probably looked like a dog who hadn't eaten in a month being offered a piece of meat. Mitch told me 60 bucks, turns out I was 37 cents short.

Mitch isn't a jerk, he said he didn't care about the change. He also told me something that made my heart feel warm. "Tommy, just because I know you're a die hard Metroid fan, I'll give ya the figurine for free. Sound good?"

"Yes! It sounds perfect!" I said, probably foaming from the mouth. I forked over the money and got the copy and the figurine. I was so jumpy during the walk home.

I looked at my Samus figurine. It turns out that you could move Samus' visor up and down and you could see her eyes. I lifted up the visor on the figurine and saw Samus' eyes. However, the green eyes of the figurine looked sad or scared. I only pondered over it for a second and thought it was kind of creepy.

I disregarded that thought however, because I was only a block away from my house! My arms were shaking because I was so excited for the time when I could finally put the game disc inside my GameCube. I finally arrived at my front door. I charged through my door, thinking for a second if I just broke the door. Whatever, I thought to myself.

As I ran full speed into my room I entered and locked my door. I didn't want anyone disturbing my quality time with Samus. It turns out that the Samus figurine had a cord that could be inserted to the GameCube controller port. I had no idea what it did so I plugged it into the Player 2 controller port.

I took the game case out from the plastic bag, and noticed something amiss. The case had the word "Deception" scribbled under the word Prime. It looked like somebody was in intense pain as they were writing the word deception on the box. I was pretty confused at this point because the original box art did not have that scribbled on there. Again, I didn't care too much because I was only prolonging my Metroid Prime experience.

I popped the game disc in and grabbed my controller. I reached the title screen and heard an awful high pitched noise. I scrambled to turn off my GameCube. I pressed the power button and the GC didn't turn off. The high pitched noise got progressively worse. I then rushed to the Power Cord and unplugged it and after a second the screeching stopped and the TV turned off. Scared to death, I caught my breath.

"What the hell was that horrid screeching?" I thought to myself.

I was very jumpy at this point. However, I hesitantly turned my GameCube backed on. Upon startup, the GameCube logo didn't bounce around like normally. Instead, it went straight to the Metroid Prime menu. There were 3 save files. File one and two said new game but file three said New Horror. Being the curious person I am, I selected the third file entitled New Horror.

I was really excited, but pretty nervous at the same time. It's not normal for there to be a file with data on my memory card, considering I have never played this game up until now. The intro to the game was Samus jumping out of her ship and onto the Space Pirate base. It felt so good to play as Samus after a while without a new Metroid game.

There was one particular detail that I found out of the ordinary. Samus was missing her arm cannon. Maybe I have to find the Arm Cannon in this game. This has never happened in any of the previous Metroid titles, but something new doesn't hurt. I equipped the scan visor and scanned the door locks. Doing this took out the holographic door that you could not pass.

As I walked inside the Pirate Base my jaw dropped. There were at least five Metroids before my eyes and the Arm Cannon was behind the pack of Metroids. A cutscene started to play. "Oh boy, Samus is gonna be a badass like normal and she's going to acquire the arm cannon and pummel the Metroids!", I thought. I was dead wrong.

As the cutscene unfolded, it showed the Metroids attaching themselves to Samus. You could hear the desperate cries of the bounty hunter. The cries were terrifyingly realistic, as if someone was actually being ripped to shreds. The first Metroid started tearing at Samus' helmet which lead to her becoming decapitated. All you could see was a collection of mangled flesh around where her neck would be.

Her vertebrate was sticking out of her body. The Metroid that ripped off her head was levitating around. A few seconds later, Samus' head fell out of the helmet, with her throat hanging out of her decapitated head. I was absolutely horrified at this point.

The game over screen was Samus' heart ceasing to beat, and a morbid high pitched scream. I was near tears at this point, scared out of my mind.

I couldn't take it. I screamed,

I reluctantly booted the game back up. I wanted to start a new game, figuring that might solve the problem. File one and two were no longer there. All that was there was the New Horror file. I nervously started the file back up. The intro was the same except for this time I had the arm cannon. I was baffled. "What the fuck is going on?" I said outloud.

I scanned the door locks and got myself back at the point where I died. The Metroids had disappeared. I was relieved and scared at the same time. There was something disturbing in front of me however. Two mutilated Space Pirate corpses were lying on the ground. I took out the scan visor and scanned the dead bodies. The logs were very violent.

One of the Space Pirate's logs said:

"I'm in excruciating pain. I was ripped to shreds by the Metroids. My organs imploded from the overexposure to phazon. They shredded my limbs and left me for dead. My partner suffered an even worse fate. They went inside him and ripped his throat out. I sat there limp, watching my comrade die. He choked on his own blood. I feel light headed and I know that I will be within death's arms soon. May any pirate who translates this log heed my warning."

I at this point am questioning how this game got published with this material being included. I continued playing. The space pirates that were injured on the ground weren't even trying to harm Samus. They just seemed to whimper and sit there. Upon entering the next room I was met with more surprising scenery.

There was a large glass window and behind it were rows of space pirates. The pirates were banging madly on the glass tubes they were encased inside.

They were convulsing violently. The Space Pirates acted as if they actually could feel the pain. It seemed as if they actually had emotions and were reacting to the pain as if anyone would. They were groaning loudly. They were letting out tortured cries.

As I was thinking this over a textbox appeared at the bottom of the screen. It said:

"Don't worry; soon enough you will feel their pain."

What the hell is going on? The textbox seemed as if it were threatening me. Wow, how adorable. The door up ahead had a scannable switch. I scanned it and entered a cutscene.

It showed Samus scanning the door lock. As she finished, a door from under her opened up and she fell into a vat of Phazon. I sat there in disbelief, fearing what was coming would scare me senseless. I was not disappointed. The top of the vat was sealed, ensuring an impossible escape. Samus started banging violently on the vat. You could hear her tortured screams. They started to get louder, louder, louder, louder.

The screams became more intense. She began to thrash her head around. Her Varia Suit disintegrated and all that was left was her Zero Suit. The Zero Suit offered no protection to the highly toxic vat of alien chemicals. Her legs burned off entirely, he arms disintegrated, her torso ceased to exist.

All of a sudden, I heard something fall off of my TV. It was the Samus figurine. It fell off of my T.V. and it was shaking violently. I unplugged it from the GameCube controller port and inspected it. I lifted up the visor and I let out the loudest scream I could muster.

There was nothing behind the visor. The figurines' suit fell to pieces, and the arm cannon rolled behind my T.V. I heard the screams of the Game Over screen but they were much louder than before (almost deafening to be honest.) And then I heard Samus cry. Her sobs in these last moments became unbearable.

I couldn't take it anymore. I unplugged the GameCube and took the game out hastily. I smashed the game disc to pieces. I was not satisfied until the entire disc was broken beyond repair. I put the figurine in the oven and let it melt. I formatted my memory card and have never touched the GameCube or any other Metroid game since.

I asked all of my friends who bought the game if they experienced anything similar and they told me they didn't. I have gotten psychological help ever since that day. When I dream, I can still sometimes hear Samus' tortured screams. I pledge to never touch another Metroid game as long as I live.

But then, things got worse...