I clicked a video called Mercy.avi and began to watch. The first 15 seconds were static, and then it came to the Spongebob intro in poor quality.

At one point there was a buzz. At the end of the intro, the static appeared. Soon after, 4 seconds of the low quality intro were played in reverse. Then a picture of Squidward with eyes pouring blood appeared. A video of Spongebob's walk cycle in The Sponge Who Could Fly showed up. It was in a different color scheme, the ground and sky being red orange and Spongebob being blue. It was rotated and no sound was played, and the clip was slightly sped up.

Seeing as i've seen the original clip of the different version of the walk cycle, and it was not scary, it wasn't very interesting. A few seconds later a flat Spongebob appeared. A still image of Squidward dropping his clarinet showed. About 3 seconds later a split second image of a black screen with the word "HELP" on it appeared shortly.

The picture of Squidward with eyes pouring blood appeared again, but this time in horrible quality. Half a minute later a clip of Squidward walking and looking severely depressed from Red Mist footage appeared and a split second frame of a black screen with the words "R.I.P. Squidward Tentacles Committed Suicide" appeared, then footage of a Nick bumper, then Squidward dropping his clarinet, then a split second frame of the episode titled as Episode 0, and finally, screams of pain getting more and more painful sounding.

Mercy.avi - Flipped and Silenced due to copyright.01:49

Mercy.avi - Flipped and Silenced due to copyright..AVI - NEW SPONGEBOB LOST EPISODE?!

The Video

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