(NOTE: this is what really happened to Christian in the episode "Dead Christian" its in third person)

David and his friend Christian were watching TV

"Be Right back David!"

as Christian ran out the door

"What must he always do?" David questioned

Christian walking outside, Suddently saw a car with a girl driving it

"Umm... its going kinda fast AH!"

as the car rammed into the pre-teen sending him flying

Christian sobbed, his head twisted He saw the girl who looked like Mequi that girl always having a crush on David

He Blacked out as he felt like he was being dragged he woke up in a sack being dragged 

he fainted, He woke up in a room

"Huh? Where am I? The last thing I can remember is that I got hit on my head." He notices he can't move. A harsh light suddenly goes on. 

"Oh golly, you're finally awake! DAHAHAHA!" Mequi says cheerfully, and walks towards Christian.


"oh... its simple... you always been with David kun and always hogged him from me... well... no more!"

Mequi took out a knife and cuts Christian's shirt and cuts deeper, craving a heart on his skin

Christian moans in pain, trying to stop making her enjoy it for more

She suddently opens his butt checks,


"Give you a pain in teh ass"

Mequi said as she penetrates the pre teen's butthole


Just then Mequi grabbed a huge, sharp knife and cut off Christian's Genreals.

"AHAHAHAHA" The 15 year old man screamed trying to keep his pain in but... he could not help it!

She cut the eyes and the rest of Christian's forehead out, and removed Christian's brain and skull. 

Christian's body layed, limp and dead

"It was fun Christian... but... i got to go!!"

then Mequi skipped out, hoping to get Christian's David loving sister a piece of her mind.

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