One day I was looking up Meg the character from Family Guy so I could put a picture of Meg onto a project for school. However I came across a website called I clicked the link and it took me to a video called Meg.avi. I clicked the file and the video started.

For the first 2 minutes it was just a picture of Meg staring at me. However after 2 minutes the video cut to static for 25 seconds, and after that Meg appeared, but she looked odd. She had soulless black eyes with blood coming down her face, the music was the Giygas theme from Earthbound then it cut to static again for about 8 seconds and then a bunch of disturbing imagery appeared. First it showed the ghost girl from The Ring, then it showed the villager from the Animal Crossing series with a blood stained axe in the darkness with a murdered girl villager who had cheerful rose red cheeks who had yellow hair with a bow and was in a bikini lying dead in blood. Then it showed a young girl getting her clothes ripped off by a mountain lion in public while being whipped by an old man's cane, then it showed Smaug from The Hobbit getting himself burned by fire to no end, then it showed Parappa getting rained down by bricks. It then cut to Kefka fighting Sephiroth in a RPG way, then it went to an image of Herobrine getting owned by a ton of creepers getting his body torn to bits, then it showed Porky Minch from Earthbound getting his head ripped of from Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day and Sackboy from the Little Big Planet series, then it cut to Sailor Moon getting kidnapped by Slenderman, then cut to Fawful from the Mario and Luigi RPG"s with a girl from Lucky Star with a katana in blood, before it finally cut to Meg's head on Jeff The Killer's body.

The last 3 minutes of the video was a picture of Meg with those soulless eyes with Giygas in the background with text saying "Now you are feeling my fury". Then it ended from there, I tried to record it but the website was terminated I was happy.

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