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I was searching the internet a while back and I stumbled upon this article. I was going to use it for a project but I simply left it. There are now no websites containing information on this incident...

The Article

McDonald's has some of the worst food there, huh? Well, of you haven't eaten there you should. It's disgusting. What's even worse is their commercials. 

They make their food look good by zooming in on it, and dropping it on the ground and let it bounce in slow-motion. What's even worse is the kid commercials.

They have Ronald McDonald, the scary and evil clown. If you think he's not evil or at least scary, then you should hear this. When McDonald's had previously been opened, they wanted to make people laugh, and they thought of Ronald McDonald. That was when they decided to make a commercial that would diturb everyone who watched it. The commercial starts off with Ronald McDonald sitting at a table. He then showed the food they were selling with a magical wave of his hand. He then says this burger is 6.66, and then starts eating it. He grabs it and starts shoveling down his throat, he then takes another one and eats it. He eats another in one whole bite, and then starts eating more and more. All of them in one bite. Then, Ronald McDonald is very fat, and he has billions of necks.

He then starts laughing as he chews the food, and spit it on the camera. Ronald is so fat, that he starts floating. He floats to the ceiling, and the camera cuts to black. That was the commercial, and you can not tell me that what you just read is not creepy.

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