Hello, thanks for clicking on this page. I want someone to know what happened to me.

I'm Justin, and i am now 19. I need to get something off my chest regarding a incident that happened to me. I'll tell you my ''story''.

So, i have a little brother who is about 4 years old. He loved Max And Ruby. Every time Max And Ruby came on TV, he would scream and laugh Max or Ruby's name.

His face really was only focused at the TV screen when the show came on. Time passed and his birthday was coming up and i didn't know what to give him. I didn't want to buy something easy and simple, like a doll or a simple toy. No, for his 4th birthday, i wanted to give him something that he would love, something that he could spent hours and make memories with. Then i just thought of something, he loved Max And Ruby. I was looking up on eBay. As i couldn't find a Max And Ruby DVD under 20 dollars anywhere else. I found one only for 70 cents. Thinking it was too good to be true, I bought it anyways. I should have listened to myself.

When it finally arrived, i got a case with nothing on it, and a DVD with Max and Ruby written on it. It looked like it was pirated. The cover was just scribbled ''Max And Ruby'' on it. After celebrating his birthday, I got upstairs to my room with my little brother, while my parents were at some stupid appointment. They were very lucky to not witness the absolute terror and horror i was unfortunate to witness. He was hyped for the Max And Ruby film. I got upstairs to his room where the TV and DVD player stood in the corner. I put the DVD in his DVD player and after some seconds, a simple selection screen came on.

I started episode one. I left my brother, because i wanted him to experience it for himself, i dind't want to ruin this for him. So to pass time, i went on the PC. I was watching some video's on YouTube. Pretty normal stuff. Now mind you, i had headphones on, so i couldn't hear everything that well. After some time, i felt stomping. Like someone does with their feet. I also heard something. It sounded like screaming, or something like that. I was listening to loud techno, and still heard the screaming. Soon i realized it was my little brother, since no-one else was in the house, as i told you earlier, my parents had to go to some appointment, that was unfortunetaly on his freaking birthday. So after about 30 seconds of feeling and hearing things, i decieded to take off my headphones. The second the first one was out of my ear, i felt i was in a concert. My brother was screaming so loud. I was geniuly concerned, and i rushed upstairs.

Was it a intruder? I decieded to bring some protection. My baseball bat. You might think i'm overreacting, but for him to scream like that? It wasn't normal. And he screamed "I don't want to see max and ruby anymore!"

So, as i told you I ran upstairs and I saw him sitting on the floor covering his face. The minute i looked up, i immedieatly knew what was going on. What I saw on the TV, was going to scar me. It was Ruby staring at me, she had no nose, her eyes were completely red, her fingers were cut off, she was smiling at me. A sickening smile, a smug smile, like she wanted us to be distressed. The Max and Ruby theme song was playing, low pitched. She opened her mouth and let out a demonic laugh. After that, it cut to the menu screen. I told him that what happened did not happen, and that Ruby was fine. I wanted to throw the DVD away, destroy it, kill what eever spirit was in this godforsaken thing. But there was just this feeling inside me, there were so many questions, i just couldn't get rid of it yet.

It was i think around, 10 in the night. I got on my computer, and put the DVD in. The selection menu came up, and it was the same menu as i saw the first time, except the text was black and the background was black, really empty-like. In total here were 5 episodes. So i tried playing the first episode, but for some odd reason, it didn't work. I tried selecting again and again, but nothing happened. Like if it was corrupted. So, I tried the second episode, and that was only a black screen. When I was just about to give up, i tried to play only one more episode, and that was the 5th episode. It began with a shot of the house of Max And Ruby on a stormy day. Then it cut to the hallway of the house. I saw Ruby. And she was normal. For a couple of seconds atleast, until all of a sudden her pupils move upwards and her eyeballs turn white.

Then she suddenly fell. I then saw that she had a knife in her back, did someone kill her? What was happening? I spotted Max standing in a dark corner. He had a hoodie on. There were surprisingly no sounds at this point, which made it even more uncomfortable and scarier. Then came a scene of Max going to the kitchen to grab a knife, he walked up to the bathroom and looked into the mirror, and hold the knife up.

A couple seconds of a black screen came on and credits. I have no idea why something this messed up would have credits. Maybe it was a fanmade video or a prank of some sorts. I just can't believe what i just saw. This could absolutely not have been made by a Nick Jr. executive. I was about to take the disc out of the player but a i noticed a small sentence that came on the credits, that, to say the least, was very disturbing. In tiny text it read: "I had fun playing with you." I jumped. My anxienty levels were rising at this point. The DVD popped out of the pc, and after that I kept it in my closet. The next morning, I brought the disc to my backyard and snapped it, threw it, scratched it. Until it was a pile of dead, worthless pieces.

While this was a traumatizing incident in my life i just simply cannot get rid of, i have to deal with it. I have tried to contact the original seller, but he deleted his profile, and his e-mail was inactive, it seems. I have dealt with it, and my life is going great at this moment. I just really needed to get this off my chest, thanks.

Created by ATrollPastaReader (MY SECOND PASTA) (Inspired by the Max And Ruby 0004 creepypasta)

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