Me And My Little Sister Emma Were Watching Max And Ruby She Screamed She Saw Ruby Murdering Max Then He Dies Then She Murders Everyone In East Bunny Hop Then It Showed A Crime Scene Of My Mom Saying Bloody Ruby 13 Times And Then She Kills My Mom And Screams Like A Girl Then Bloody Ruby Kills Emma And Leaves My Dad Is Shocked And He Too Is Murdered Then It Shows Grandma Crying Like Ruby's And She Dies Then A Suvivor Asks If She's Intrested In Some Guns She Says " YESSY YES THANK YOU LET'S WORK TOGETHER TO KILL BUNNYS AND GABRIELA ALSO JAKE So He Says Yes Thn It Shows Rosemarray Wells Dead Then It Shows Ruby Saying " COME TO EAST BUNNY HOP " 1-234 Bunny Hop .

Post 2  2/13/15

I Went To Nick Studios And The Cops Told Me About The Episode And Reported Rosemarray Wells Lost And Found With A Broken Jaw Luckily My Parents Were Alive We As A Family Watched The Episode And Were Shocked Gabriela A Intern Was Going To Kill Bloody Ruby. Post 3 2/13/15 Today We Foun Out Who Bloody Ruby Was Gabriela's Sister Rosie Whenson She Was Singing

Bloody Ruby

Bloody Ruby

Kills Kids

I Got A Note Tody Saying

" Hi Jake Its Bloody Ruby I'm Hiding At Treehouse Studios Try And Kill Me Jimmy "

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